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Empires of the Ancient World

Empires of the Ancient World by Warfrog
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Manufacturer: Warfrog  Visit their site
Designer: Martin Wallace
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 180 Minutes
Game Type: Board
Categories: Wargame
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $31.45 - Retail $44.95
Reward Points: 3,145
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From the Publisher...

Empires of the Ancient World takes you back to the age of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. You control the destiny of your empire, building armies, annexing neutral provinces, trading across the Mediterranean, and fighting battles. The heart of the game is its innovative card combat system. Superb, full colour, cards allow the use of pikes, swordsmen, warbands, elephants, heavy cavalry, foot skirmishers, light horse, siege towers, artillery and galleys.

Special Cards allow you to develop military leaders, diplomats, traders and engineers. Battles are fast and furious, with victory going to the player who employs superior tactics. However, winning the game is not just about having the largest empire. Having the biggest army will cost you victory points, so you had better use your forces well!

If warfare is not to your taste then you can capture provinces through diplomacy, or trade your way to victory, by having the largest trade empire.

Empires of the Ancient World can be played by three, four, or five players. It takes between two and three hours to play and the rules, though a little more complex than the average German game, are straightforward and easy to remember once play starts.


  • Rulebook (in English and German)
  • Full colour mounted map
  • 110 Full colour cards
  • 250 wooden playing pieces
  • dice

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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James Mzik - Westpark Gaming Group

This is THE BEST game of conquest set in the time of Rome and Persia. Several different strategies can be used to victory with every player having an equal chance. Armies are built with cards but must be maintained, trade routes are established and navies try controlling the seas.

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