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Quelf by Spin Master
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Manufacturer: Spin Master  Visit their site
Players: 3 to 8
Time: 60 Minutes
Categories: Trivia
Party Game
Mechanics: Singing
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $24.45 - Retail $29.95
Reward Points: 2,445
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From the Publisher...

Quelf is the multi-award winning game that gives random a new name! Use your creativity and imagination to answer crazy questions and perform ridiculous stunts. There’s only one rule – OBEY THE CARD! If a player obeys their card they get to move ahead! You’ll laugh until you cry with this outrageous, unpredictable, and fun filled party game. Be the first person to cross the finish line and you win! Enjoy a non-stop hilarious adventure with Quelf!

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Stephen B

Pick this game up for your next party it will be the biggest hit there. Great party game similiar to cranium with more craziness.

Mr Waiguoren
A great party game if you're playing with creative people that don't mind making fools of themselves. Like most party games, it's not about winning, it's about having fun and letting loose. Every time we play this game, it has produced moments we won't soon forget.

This is a wacky party game. This is the kind of game that plays you. With the right group you will be telling stories about that game of Quelf you played. Fun, Wacky, Quelf!

What a random and yet hilarious game! Best for the young adults aged 18-30 something. Not good for shy or otherwise introverted people as they won't add much to the game unless they are willing to fully participate. First time we played, my husband had to bark at my Dad like a dog because he came into the room. Random, wacky... totally not a typical game... like Cranium in lots of ways- add a bit of charades and add even more goofiness of human creativity and there you go! Makes for some great memories!

A.J. Sansom
Great party game provided that you have the right people who enjoy loud and sometimes obnoxious behavior. I really enjoy the game but know that it is not for everyone. If you've ever wanted to do improve, act in a theater, or be the center of attention, this is probably the game for you!

A party game that really makes for a good laugh...everyone will have to do random silly things and it can really be a blast. You have to play with people who aren't afraid to do something silly...

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