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Monstrosity by Dead Ant Games
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Manufacturer: Dead Ant Games  Visit their site
Designer: Jason Sinclair Long
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 20 Minutes
Categories: Card Game
Mechanics: Set Collection
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $9.00 - Retail $17.95
Reward Points: 900
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From the Publisher...

In the not-too distant future, a group of underground mad surgeons assemble creatures from spare mutated body parts and make them fight. Join the insanity and send your own personal Monstrosity into battle against your opponent's.

Game synopsis:

Monstrosity is played in two phases, with two distinct decks (50+ cards each). During the first round, players acquire spare body parts (arms, legs, bodies and heads) from the black market and construct a creature in darkened operating theaters. As each player collects mutated limbs and tries to assemble them, their opponent attempts to steal parts, sabotage the operation, and generally dismantle the opposing creation. Round two pits the creatures against one another, as their owners play attack and defense cards to bolster their monstrosity's fighting abilities. It's a fast-paced and gruesome battle game best suited for two players (although more can play).

Due to unfortunate proofing oversights, the following items were left out of the original Monstrosity rules sheet: 1. There is no hand limit in either phase of the game. [For a slightly shorter game, you may impose an 8 card hand limit in both phases; however, if you do this, ignore the following:] 2. During the Fight Phase, there should be two separate Discard Piles (one for BM cards and one for A/D and A/W cards) as well as a separate Body Bin. When the Draw Pile is exhausted, only reshuffle the A/D and A/W cards (in other words, the BM cards are only used once apiece). 3. The Brick Wall - when this card is played (by a Defender only), the following occurs: any attacking damage points that would have been dealt upon the defending creature's body part are instead dealt upon the attacking creature's part. This means that, oftentimes, the attacking creature will end up losing his/her part in battle (unless he/she spends defend cards to block his/her own attack). The Brick Wall stands in for the defending creature in this way. Ex: William's creature's 4 Arm attacks Jonie's creature's 2 Head. Neither part has any Weapons or Armor. After rolling to grab (which William does successfully by rolling a 3) the fight numbers are 4 to 2, in favor of William. Jonie throws down a Brick Wall; instantly the wall stands in for her creature and deals 4 points of damage to William's creature. As it stands, William will lose his Arm (because ties got to the defender). If William lays down even one Defend point, he successfully keeps his Arm (as does Jonie keep her Head) and his turn is over. William cannot play any additional Attack cards -- this would simply add a more points of attack damage onto his own creature, due to the Brick Wall's effect). 4. The Switcheroo & Faithful Servant - both of these BM cards feature flavor text that refers to the O.T. This simply means that Parts that are currently attached to your (or your opponent's) creature are dealt with when playing these cards (not Parts in the Body Bin or the Pit Stop area). 5. For a four player game, deal six cards to start each round (as in three player games). 6. For a shorter game, ignore the 'rolling to grab' rule and remove all Grab-O-Matic BM cards from the Fight Deck.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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