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NY Chase

NY Chase by Ravensburger
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Manufacturer: Ravensburger  Visit their site
Designer: Projekt Team III
Players: 3 to 6
Time: 45 to 60 Minutes
Game Type: Board
Categories: Transportation
Mechanics: Partnerships
Ages: 10 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $25.50 - Retail $35.00
Reward Points: 2,550
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From the Publisher...

Alone against the world. The N.Y. Police Team is out to get Mr. X.

Mr. X, who has long been wanted by the police, has been sighted in Manhattan! Will the detectives of the New York Police Department be able to capture him? What does his latest move reveal? One player is Mr. X, and the others are the detectives. Mr. X tries to escape by taxi, bus, or subway, and the detectives have to corner him before he does so. They can use road barriers, and even a helicopter! But what really counts is the detective's teamwork. Will everyone arrive at the right place at the right time? Who will capture Mr. X before he can disappear again? Carefull deduction, clever tactics and a bit of luck are needed for this exciting game. This is a new challenge based on the classic Scotland Yard.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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First of all, if you've never played Scotland Yard you might want to start there - N.Y. Chase is a fantastic sequel to the classic game which basically adds a few new elements and a new game board. They're both excellent games! One of the things I love about N.Y. Chase is the level of difficulty Mr. X has in escape. I think this game is and ought to be weighed towards the detectives: it makes victory for X all the sweeter when you pull it off! I also take it that Scotland Yard and N.Y. Chase are the inspiration for Mr. Jack and, of course, its sequel: Mr. Jack in New York. Also great games, also well worth the purchase. Enjoy!

This is a new implementation of Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard is already a great game, but NY Chase improves it by adding a new map and new actions for the detectives. The new actions (helicopter and roadblocks) are very fun and fit perfectly with the theme. It has always been fun to be Mr. X in Scotland Yard, but in NY Chase, the detectives have been given a big boost and are great fun to play too.

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