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PeaceBowl by Angelo Porazzi
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Manufacturer: Angelo Porazzi  Visit their site
Designer: Angelo Porazzi
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 45 Minutes
Categories: Fantasy
Mechanics: Pick-up and Deliver
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $23.95
Reward Points: 2,395
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From the Publisher...

Crazy Football for the Peace. Peace, Love... Fight! In this Fantasy Arena everybody can get in and enjoy fighting, but outside, please, stop the war. You, slobbering Goblins, stop spitting and you haughty Half-Elves rise down your crest: don't you realize you are on the same ship?

If you keep on playing war, it will be the end for everyone.

Here you can meet in merry, enjoy fighting and then smoke the Peace Calumet all together, drinking the best Dwarves' burp-beer and breathing the best incenses of the Flying Smokers of the Impossible.

PEACEBOWL is a fast paced tactic game for 2-4 players. Each one leads a TEAM composed by 3-5 WARRIORS. Everything is allowed: play cards HIT! to takedown opponents, play card PASS! to launch the ball at your receivers allover the gamefield, break out a fray playing the card RAGE! As long as remains in a boardgame, a good fight could be a real amusement.

Enjoy hit and be hit, and have fun! Peace, Love... Fight!

This Boardgame is available in a strong, boxed edition, game field, rulebook, cards and counters all plastic covered, plus woodcounters.

All cards have double text italian-english. English rulebook is included.

PEACEBOWL created, illustrated ancd produced by Angelo Porazzi 2003

1 GAMEFIELD illustrating the PeaceBowl, the arena where your teams will match.
THE COUNTERS pre-cut and plastic covered, illustrating the warriors of the Peacebowl. You'll have warriors in great number to create your team as you wish.
THE WOOD COUNTERS to build up your favourite teams and release tridimensional painted counters. <.br>THE CARDS illustrating all the actions that may be played by your warriors.
1 RULEBOOK with Basic Rules (3 warrios per team, uncovered cards) and complete Rules (5 warriors per team, covered cards).

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Rick Partin

"Peacebowl" is a fun, quick-playing blend of sports and general mayhem. I'd rate the basic game (without the Special cards) an 8 on a 10-scale. It's easy to learn but provides sufficient strategy. "Peacebowl" plays fast, like American football, but adds a mayhem factor (knocking down or even hypnotizing opponents' warriors) that appeals to guys. Players start with a hand of 5 cards, which can be played for offense or defense, depending on which ones they happen to draw. Scores can be made by either running or passing the ball into an endzone opposite or to one side of one's own endzone (for different point totals). Player pieces can be flipped upside down or even swept off the field back into one's own endzone, from which one has to start all over. The ball can be picked up and run, passed over opponents, stolen, or knocked loose, as in football. But in "Peacebowl" there is plenty of contact, but no penalties--only change or possession, players knocked out of action, or scorse. You can play it head-to-head, but the game really shines with four, as the full effect of the various cards can be employed, particularly with advanced rules when all the cards are in play. This you'll see for yourself when one player needs only one more score to win, but the other three players gang up on him, using any and all available means to stop him cold. Also, designer Angelo Porazzi is a terrific illustrator, and the descriptions on the cards are fun in themselves. The cover artwork is something to behold as well. It's obvious Mr. Porazzi put a lot of time into thinking out this game and play-testing it. I like playing it with the full 5-warrior teams, where one "Champion" has special movement and battle abilities, and in many situations, only a rival Champion can stop him. For sheer fun factor, "Peacebowl" is a 10: I've played it nearly 50 times, and I can't imagine ever getting tired of it. Check it out!

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