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If You Had To Choose ...?

If You Had To Choose ...? by Choose Games Inc
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Manufacturer: Choose Games Inc  Visit their site
Designer: Susan Morry
Players: 2 to 10
Categories: Party Game
Mechanics: Betting/Wagering
Ages: 16 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $19.27 - Retail $24.99
Reward Points: 1,927
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From the Publisher...


If you had to choose... would you rather (A) be breathtakingly beautiful but have to go to prison for five years, or (B) always be plain looking but never go to jail?

If you had to choose…would you rather be stuck in a one room cabin for two weeks during a severe snow storm with (A) George Bush, or (B) Michael Jackson?

If you had to choose... would you rather (A) always be extremely rich but never meet the person of your dreams, or (B) never make more than minimum wage your whole life but find true love?

If you had to choose…would you rather (A) be famous but die at 58, or (B) always be anonymous but live until 98?

If You Had To Choose...? A FANTASY GAME ABOUT PRIORITIES TM is a party game for ages 16 and up that really makes you think but in a fun way. As the millennium unfolds it is evident that people are searching for more depth and meaning in their lives. If You Had To Choose…? is a soul searching game that helps people discover what's really important to them and to others by asking thought provoking questions about their priorities and values in life having to do with love, money, relationships, spirituality, etc. But it does this in a fun and humorous way using fantasy which allows people to enter into totally imaginary situations. People want to escape their everyday lives and If You Had To Choose…? lets them.

Players will predict (by betting with chips) how others will answer and then attempt to persuade them to change their minds in intense discussions. Players, through answering, predicting, persuading and discussing will have eye-opening revelations about themselves and others and also have a great time in the process.

CONTENTS: Instructions, 660 questions, 330 cards, 20 marker cards, 200 chips, 1 sand timer

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Michelle Bay

This is an absolutely fabulous party game. The questions are really thought-provoking and help reveal what values are important in one's life. It also helps you to get to know other people in a deep way. One might think it's similar to Zobmondo but it's actually very different as there aren't any disgusting gross questions. Instead all the questions are easy to identify with and really get people into lengthy discussions. And most of the questions are hilarious as well. It's the best party game I've played in ages. I highly recommend it.

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