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Monastery by Ragnar Brothers
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Manufacturer: Ragnar Brothers  Visit their site
Designer: Gary Dicken Phil Kendall
Steve Kendall
Players: 2 to 4
Time: 30 to 90 Minutes
Categories: Medieval
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Ages: 14 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $49.95
Reward Points: 4,995
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From the Publisher...

2 - 4 players (including rules for a paired game)

Playing time 30 – 90 minutes depending on number of players

‘Monastery’is a tile laying game in which players construct different parts of a medieval monastery. The work is done by the monks of a player. The monks may move from tile to tile and in addition to building work they can also study, toil or pray. In the ‘icon’ game monks can also make use of the special properties of some of the tiles.

The tiles vary in value ranging from 1 point field and path tiles to 5 point Chapter House and Library. The higher the value of tile the more monks are needed to build it. Players can build independently, but often they are required to work collaboratively.

The game spreads over two days of monastic life, with turns being allocated as time for study and toil or for services in the abbey. At each service a new abbot is elected and apart from going first in the turn the abbot also has some significant powers.

In order to win the game players must collect the letters of the abbey’s motto ‘Libera Nos Quaesumus Ab Omnibus Malis Amen’. The letters become progressively more expensive and players must decide whether to buy letters or recruit extra monks.

Points at game end are also awarded for the ‘blessings’ which players can collect throughout the game.

All is at peace in the monastery. Shady cloisters surround warm gardens; great libraries and writing rooms resonate to the sound of quills on parchment; fields of standing corn stretch in all directions; well-red cattle graze contentedly; the ever-presetn murmuring of monks fills the air. From the topmost bell of the Abbey to the bottom-most barrel in the brewhouse, man's devotion to God is proclaimed for all the world toe hear.

Yet all is not as it should be - for in this world within a world, earthly rivalries exist.

Monastery is a tile-building game with a twist : players compete to have their Monks work, pray and build, thus earning letters to complete the final words of the Lord's prayer: Libera nos quaesumus ab omnibus malis. Amen

For as St Paul says,'...when men run in the race, the race is for all, but the prize is for one. ...'

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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