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Savannah - American Revolution Series Vol. IV

Savannah - American Revolution Series Vol. IV by GMT Games
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Manufacturer: GMT Games  Visit their site
Designer: Mark Miklos
Players: 2 to 3
Time: 240 Minutes
Categories: Wargame
American Civil War
Mechanics: Campaign/Battle Card Driven
Hex and Counter
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $23.45 - Retail $35.00
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From the Publisher...

France assumed belligerent status in the American Revolution in the spring of 1778 following the defeat of British General Burgoyne at Saratoga the previous October. Count d'Estaing was placed in command of French expeditionary forces assigned to simultaneously help the Americans and "grab" any British Caribbean sugar islands that might prove vulnerable.

The first Franco-American attempt at cooperation occurred in late summer that year at Newport, Rhode Island. The expedition to besiege British held Newport ended in failure when d'Estaing withdrew his fleet due to storm damage.

Following the fall of Savannah, in December 1778, American leaders in Charlestown, South Carolina began to appeal to d'Estaing for help. They pointed out how unprepared the British were to withstand a major operation. d'Estaing agreed to return from adventures in the Caribbean at the end of the summer to help in the liberation of Georgia.

Volume IV in GMT's American Revolutionary War Series portrays the events from September 10th to October 9th, 1779, as the Franco-American Allies mount their first significant cooperative effort against the British in North America during the Revolutionary War.

Savannah is a departure from the other four battles in the Rev. War Series in that it covers a span of four weeks. To accommodate this, as well as to depict salient features of an 18th century siege event, several new mechanics and a bit of chrome have been grafted to the core game system.

The counter mix for Savannah promises to be the best yet. It features French Regulars in white uniforms with pastel trim, Irish Mercenaries in the service of the French, Marines and Sailors ashore, French Colonial Regulars from the Caribbean Islands, and black French Colonial Militia from Haiti. American units include Continentals from South Carolina and Virginia, Patriot Militia and the lancers of Pulaski's Legion. British units include Regulars, Highlanders, Hessian Mercenaries, Marines and Sailors ashore, Provincials from northern and southern states, Tory Militia, the armed citizens of Savannah, walking wounded, armed slaves, and Creek Indians.

Also included are 20 factors of allied artillery (40 guns) and 41 factors of British artillery (82 guns). Some of the British and most of the French artillery is naval ordinance stripped from their respective fleets. These heavy caliber weapons have a range of 4 hexes. Together with the cannon aboard the French and British frigates in the Savannah River, which are abstracted for game purposes, this was the largest concentration of artillery in Georgia until the Civil War.

At Savannah the British are outnumbered by nearly 2:1, but outgun their opponents by the same ratio. The British are well dug in but those defenses are incomplete as the game begins and are completed in stages as the game progresses. The Allies are uncooperative with each other but can offset that apparent disadvantage by concentrating on each end of the British line, forcing the British Player to stretch his defenses. The Allies must share Momentum and Random Events and weather can abruptly ruin either player's best-laid plans. Once the grand assault begins it cannot be altered and the game will rest on the outcome.

Historians have roundly criticized d'Estaing for not rushing Savannah as soon as he arrived on shore. How will you choose to conduct the siege and assault? Prevost chose to stay behind his fieldworks, draw in reinforcements and improve his defenses. Will you, as the British Player, choose to sortie and attack the Allies in detail or impede their siege approaches? Find out by playing Savannah, Volume IV in GMTs American Revolutionary War Series.

1 Deluxe cardstock map
1 11 x 17 full color player aid
2 8.5 x 11 player aids.
1 countersheet
1 deck of 55 random events
3 dice
1 series rulebook
1 specific rulebook

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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