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The Burning Blue (the Battle Of Britain - 1940)

The Burning Blue (the Battle Of Britain - 1940) by GMT Games
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Manufacturer: GMT Games  Visit their site
Designer: Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
Players: 2
Time: 60 Minutes
Categories: Wargame
World War II
Mechanics: Hex and Counter
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $48.45 - Retail $69.00
Reward Points: 4,845
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From the Publisher...

THE BURNING BLUE is a board wargame that recreates the savage air battles over Southern England from July to December 1940.

Beginning with the fighting above the Channel convoys and ending with the assault on London and the fighter-bomber offensive, THE BURNING BLUE simulates battles between German air power and the British air defence system. It recreates the tense minute-by-minute 'plotting board' war between RAF fighter controllers and the Luftwaffe air raids.

As the RAF player scramble fighter squadrons as the enemy raids form up on radar. As your pilots gain precious height, breaking through the low layers of cloud, vector them to intercept raids or order them to patrol vital targets. Despatch Hurricanes to surprise the enemy bombers from out of the Sun while Spitfires tangle with the Luftwaffe escort fighters. Then get your squadrons home double-quick to rearm and refuel before the next wave arrives.

As the Luftwaffe player craft attack plans to peel apart the Tommy defences. Order fighter close escorts and top cover to protect your bomber gruppen while you send a geschwader of Me109s to sweep the sky ahead of your massed formations. As your escort fighters swoop down on 'vics' of desperately climbing Spitfires, Stukas dive past the balloon barrages to plant bombs on the docksides below. Meanwhile an elite staffel of Dornier bombers slips in under the radar to bomb a vital sector airfield, running into a fusilade of light Ack-Ack fire.

Based on a new raid-based combat system, counters represent RAF squadrons or Luftwaffe gruppen. Each game turn represents 5 minutes of real time, each hex on the map is 5 miles across and altitude is in increments of 2,000 feet. The game features: Chain Home radar; Observer Corps; radio-telephony; Ack-Ack; balloon barrages; the Duxford 'Big Wing'; the Italian Air Expeditionary Force and Erprobungsgruppe 210.

Five scenarios cover the major phases of the Battle of Britain. The scenarios are:
Opening Bat. 10 July - 11 August 1940. The 'kanalkampf' - the Luftwaffe's raids on Channel shipping.
Leg Before Wicket. 12-18 August 1940. 'Eagle Day' and the great raids of 15 and 18 August.
Bodyline. 24 August - 6 September 1940. The attacks on Fighter Command's Airfields.
Knock 'em for Six. 7-30 September 1940. The climactic massed raids on London.
Owzat! 1 October - December 1940. The 'Jabo' fighter-bomber attacks, the Italians, and the end of the battle.

In addition there are introductory and quick start scenarios to help players get into the game quickly.

Based on original archive research and with the help of pilot veterans of the Battle of Britain, THE BURNING BLUE models this famous conflict in unprecedented detail. Playable and exciting, the game provides new insights into this turning point of World War Two.

2 six-sided die
1 34 x 22" colour map
3 9/16" countersheets
1 detection deck of playing cards
1 Squadron Tote Board display
2 x Raid displays
2 x four panel playaid screens
1 x 40 page rulebook
1 x 48 page scenario book
1 x 8 page insert containing: Luftwaffe log sheet, RAF log sheets, Planning Map

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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