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Galactic Destiny

Galactic Destiny by Golden Laurel Entertainment
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Manufacturer: Golden Laurel Entertainment  Visit their site
Designer: Elegwen O'Maoileoin Jonathan Mauro
Richard Pulis Wayne Pulis
Players: 3 to 6
Time: 240 Minutes
Categories: Political
Science Fiction
Mechanics: Trading
Variable Player Powers
Dice Rolling
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $30.95 - Retail $60.00
Reward Points: 3,095
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From the Publisher...

The Next Generation in Strategy Board Games

Galactic Destiny is the newest in Science Fiction Universes. 3 - 6 players represent the Senators & Fleets of their cosmic constituency.

Players face-off against each other to win the Galaxy to their own ideology.

Win through Politics.

Win through War.

Win through Intrigue & Manipulation...

... Oh, yes. And there's Demons.

The evil Ke'Ras threaten to possess the galaxy & even your Senators, whenever you act corruptly, backstab, or cheat your friends

Enjoy the Infestation !

Galactic Destiny is a strategy board game not unlike others made popular in recent years. However, the emphasis of Galactic Destiny is on the political struggle between the six ruling ideologies of the universe.

Each player represents a Party. Every Party has members from all races of the Republic; the goal of the game is to sway the galaxy to your views. The main way to do this is by winning all the Ministerial seats in the Election. Another way is by brute, military force.

Six Party cards outline the Turn Sequence, Prosecution process (for corrupt Senators who deserve fines or execution), and tracks for Influence points and Money. There is also a description of the Party's ideology.

But as the players race to gain sway and dominate the minds of the voters, the Infesting demons, the Ke'Ras work their subtle evils to possess the souls of every being in the Republic. You must win against each other, but also against evil itself.

The classic black box of Galactic Destiny contains four 50 card decks.

Galactic Destiny has more player interaction, potential to make deals, break deals, team-up, back stab and conspire than any other board game ever.

The twists and turns of luck and opportunity keep you on the edge of your seat, cola can trembling in your hand, as you wait to see if this is your chance to make your play for the galaxy.

Evil actions and good deeds play a paramount role in Galactic Destiny; whether you seek Enlightenment or Shadow directly impacts what will be your Party's fate or fortuneā€¦in short, your destiny.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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