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Go Away Monster

Go Away Monster by Gamewright
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Manufacturer: Gamewright  Visit their site
Designer: Monty Stambler
Ann Stambler
Players: 1 to 4
Time: 15 Minutes
Categories: Children's Game
Mechanics: Co-operative Play
Ages: 3 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $7.95 - Retail $12.00
Reward Points: 795
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From the Publisher...

The Game Where Little Kids Get Rid of the Monsters for Good!

Reach into the bag to find the puzzle pieces that match the pictures on your bedroom game board. If a monster pops out, don't be scared...just tell that silly old thing to go away. Then get rid of him for good by tossing him into the moster pit and out of your room. You take charge, and the monsters take off!

Being afraid of monsters is a normal part of growing up. One way that children are able to master this fear is by participating in narrative play or by playing games like Go Away Monster! that allow them to take control of the monsters. Go Away Monster! encourages kids to boss the monsters around, but it also let�s them experience some of the apprehension and excitement in deciding what is real and what is imaginary. The game teaches young children shape recognition, cooperation, competence and boosts self-esteem, and is designed to be played with parents and friends. The game also lets young children experience some of the apprehension and excitement in deciding what is real and what is imaginary.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Children's game that helps getting over night time anxiety in a playful way. The idea is great and the components are good. Only suitable for very small children.

This is a very simple game for young children. Usually my children like to play "with" our games rather than actually play them, but Go Away Monster works as an actual as it is.

Go Away Monster is quite fun for very young children. You pull out pieces, which are either bedroom items or monsters. The child who is scared of monsters can banish the monsters away and then, all is well with the world. I did have to alter this game for my monster lover who instead of saying "Go Away", asks his monsters to "Come and Play' and dutifully tucks the monsters he pulls into the bed and toy box, for instance. Perfect good night game.

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