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Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion

Carcassonne - The Mini Expansion by Rio Grande Games
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Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games  Visit their site
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Jay Tummelson
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Our Price:  $3.95
Reward Points: 395
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  *** Important Information ***>

**Important info - if you have all of the Carcassonne expansions already, some of these tiles are real similar so please see the picture and BGG link below and research if this expansion is for you!**

>**Also - the pieces will come in a small baggie and some of the pieces have detached from the frame - this is how it was received and is still new and un-opened****

From the Publisher...

Twelve additional tiles for Carcassonne. Includes 2 river tiles (a spring with an attached road, and a river between two cities) and 10 other tiles not previously seen (a cloister with 4 roads, for example).

Our Comments...

Please note the Games Quarterly magazine this expansion was first promo'd in will not be included with the shipment. It is from 2006 and we happened to just run across these in April of 2008 during a cleaning phase :)

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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This is a great addition to the "vanilla carc" set. It adds in 12 new pieces with new configurations that weren't previously available in the basic Carc set. Also, it does not add any new rules. One of the main complaints about the other Carc expansions is that they add too many rules or drastically change the game from its original design. This expansion gives you 12 new pieces without any rule changes. I strongly recommend this purchase, especially since it is rare and is a bargain at this site.

Chris Korfmann
This expansion from Games Quarterly 11 is a must have for the serious Carcassonne player. Included are 12 new tiles with feature arrangements unique to the base set of 72. The pig herd will increase the value of your farm and the new river spring tile has a road to divide the farm. Another river tile and some good road configurations round out the expansion. Get it while you can!

This little expansion is not only $4, it adds new tile configurations you can't play in the base game. You get more tiles of an appropriate amount without any rule tweaks or changes - Carcassonne is supposed to be straightforward and light!

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