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Pitchcar by Ferti
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Manufacturer: Ferti
Designer: Jean du Poel
Players: 2 to 8
Time: 30 Minutes
Game Type: Board / Dexterity
Categories: Racing
Ages: 6 and up
  • This game is imported from Europe.  It may contain components and/or instructions in a different language. If you are not able to find English translations, we will do our best to help find them.
  • We place our European orders about every 2 weeks.  It is highly recommended that you pre-order this item now as it will reserve the next available copy we get.
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From the Publisher...

The tension mounts. It's just a few moments before the race begins! The drivers are held ready, their concentration is at maximum, their gestures are sure and precise. They are alone in their machines, and will emerge only after three laps at full speed. Finally, the starting signal lights up, and the race is on!

From the outset, you have to weave, jostle, accelerate, slow down, and choose the best trajectories. Only the most skillful will manage to avoid running off the track! Then, you're at the final straightaway. At the finish line is the checkered flag, synonymous with victory. Your hands tremble and become moist. There is no room for error -- victory is at hand for the future champion of PitchCar!

PitchCar is at the same time a game of dexterity and a game of racecars. Superbly manufactured, this wooden game -- made up of 16 portions of circuit: 10 curves and 6 straight lines -- lets you to construct ten different circuits over 12 feet long. Choose one of the 8 cars, build your circuit and flick your finger to propel your racing car. Follow the best trajectories by using the guardrails, but watch out because your opponents are gunning for you. Entertaining and family oriented, PitchCar will enchant players of all ages.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Tim Kennedy

This game is addictive and worth the price. Great for bringing old and young to the gaming table. Two caveats: The red rails will not stay in. Glue them and save yourself the annoyance of having them pop up during a race. Also, make sure you set this up on a VERY flat surface. If the joints are uneven, the best flick can go hurling off the track.

Josh Mc Queen
This is a great game for kids and adults alike. It's really easy to learn. I played it with my 4 year old nephew and he beat me a few times :) There's not much strategy, it's more of a dexterity game. You play it by flicking a round piece of wood (your car) around a track. You can make the track anyway you want or you can use the layouts they suggest in the game. I'd suggest this game to anyone that has a crowd of varying ages as all ages can compete equally.

Tres Lucitte
Fun game for any crowd, young and old. I love playing with my kids. As mentioned in another review, just be sure to setup the track on a table that is flat. We use the pool table sometimes - that works GREAT! It helps even the very young (under 7) with their motor skills.

greg hodur
Navigate your piece around the track. Tight curves, tunnels, jumps offer challenges you must overcome to make your way around the track. Expansions offer new twists and turns. Great group game! My group loves this one.

Pitchcar was one of the first games that took the great mechanic of dexterity/flicking and applied it to a more thematic setting than the typical dexterity games (e.g. Carrom). The race car theme fits perfectly and the game just feels so natural and intuitive that everyone I've tried it with immediately wants to go again.

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