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Acquire by Avalon Hill
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Manufacturer: Avalon Hill  Visit their site
Designer: Sid Sackson
Players: 2 to 6
Time: 60 to 90 Minutes
Categories: Economic
Mechanics: Tile Placement
Stock Holding
Ages: 12 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $28.95 - Retail $40.00
Reward Points: 2,895
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From the Publisher...

Build, buy, and shrewdly manipulate your own corporate conglomerates. Then, as your businesses grow, invest in them, merge smaller companies into larger ones, and collect bonuses.

Expect the unexpected in this calculated race to acquire the greatest wealth! Acquire is a simple game o complex strategies or would-be tycoons of all ages. We invite you to join in the fun!

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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Lee Kok Khing

It's a game with simple rules that can be taught in 5 minutes. Game play and strategy, well, that's another matter. To win the game, you need to play the tile cleverly while making the best investment decisions to ensure you have constant cash flow. - Quintet
Great game of economic struggles. You buy and sell following simple rules of money gain, but be carefull with your starting money, they are not so much. Evergreen! A bit of luck during tile drawing can be useful.

Tim Kennedy
So you wanna be Donald Trump? Dive into the world of capitalism with this fun and light game. It takes 5 minutes to learn and plays quickly with enough strategy to keep serious gamers intrigued.

A gem from the past. One of the best games ever invented.

Victor Neff - Midnight Gamers
Have played it for 30 plus years...never a bad game, whether I won or of Sid's best games...easy to learn, usually plays in under an hour... HINTS: watch what the competitions' buying; the cheap chains can be just as dominant; spend your starting money wisely; don't stick all your money into one chain...spread the wealth and it will help you at merger times and the final tally.

Mr Waiguoren
A true classic. You need a balanced strategy as you try to become the majority shareholder in not just the biggest hotels, but also the smaller ones that will be acquired, providing you with capital to buy more stocks.

Acquire is a classic game of acquisition and divestiture...well actually it can be viewed as an abstract game with a thin theme. No matter how you approach it, Acquire is a fun game. I highly recommend this game.

This game can feel quite abstract at first, but after a couple of plays, you find yourself drawn into the possibilities of placing your tiles and building your positions. It is not really an economics game, but rather a set collection game.

A.J. Sansom
While it may only take 2 minutes to explain how to play this game, the ever-changing dynamics make each decision you have to make an agonizing one! You'll have to be good at balancing both short-term and long-term investing strategies to be able to emerge at the top of the stack at the end!

Jennie Kay
This game is a classic! The rules are easy to learn, and there is enough variety that it keeps the strategy fresh. The resource management along with the ploy of expansion keeps my mind active and engaged. Also, it's nice that it isn't too complicated and doesn't last too long. Two thumbs up!

Danny - NYC Meetup
Clearly Sid Sackson's finest work and the game that influenced an entire genre (German games). Perhaps the oldest "gamer game" still in print. An enduring classic for good reason. Thumbs up by Me

Matt Kaiser
We love the game of Acquire. It is an older game, but it is lots of fun, easy to learn and the nice thing is it takes about an hour or less. it is also just as much fun with 3 people as it is with 5 or 6. Some luck no one is really left out entirely if they don't "get it" as much.

Monopoly for people who are bored with monopoly. An all around great game!

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