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Save Doctor Lucky Box Set

Save Doctor Lucky Box Set by Cheapass Games
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Manufacturer: Cheapass Games  Visit their site
Designer: James Ernest
Players: 3 to 7
Time: 40 Minutes
Categories: Bluffing
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $6.25 - Retail $7.50
Reward Points: 625
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From the Publisher...

Elements: Game board, 90 cards, rules

You Need: One Pawn for each player, plus one Master Pawn for Doctor Lucky.

April 14, 1912. A cold night in the Atlantic. An errant iceberg, a titanic cruise ship, and one very lucky old man.

Doctor Lucky is a charismatic and well-repected philanthropist in this many-years-before prequel to Kill Doctor Lucky. Of course, you secretly hate the old bastard, and you can't wait to kill him someday. But killing him aboard a sinking ship would be pointless, especially when you're probably about to die.

So you've decided to save his life instead, and do it while somebody else is looking. That way, even if you go down with the ship, you'll at least go down in history. Isn't that what life is all about?

Game Synopsis: Everyone wants to save Doctor Lucky. Players move around the ship looking for helpful items and trying to save the old man while someone else is looking. Trying to save Doctor Lucky is pretty easy, but just like in the last game, every other player can play Failure cards to stop you. And don't take too long. If the ship sinks, everybody loses! Save Doctor Lucky is a quirky twist on the original game with clever illustrations and a sinking ship for a board. Illustrated by Damon Brown.

If you've played Kill Doctor Lucky, the original Cheapass Game, you're already familiar with most of the mechanics of this game. But be warned: there are subtle changes that make all the difference. What's more, there's an extra set of penalty rules just for you!

Awards: Listed in Games Magazine's "Games 100" for 2001. It also won a GAMA award from Games Unplugged Magazine for Coolest Game Mechanic, 2001

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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A.J. Sansom

More of a random game, but if played with a variant where you get a power token for each time you are thwarted from saving Dr. Lucky, things really take off and the game offers a lot of enjoyment for the little time that it takes to set up and play.

Save Doctor Lucky brings back our favorite miserable doctor whom everyone wants to kill... except this time, you're out for glory. The goal of this game is to SAVE the doctor on the sinking Titanic, as long as someone else can see you. The catch is that the board constantly shrinks as levels of the ship sink under the ocean. Very fun!

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