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Three 4 $5.00 Volume 1

Three 4 $5.00 Volume 1 by Black & White Games
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Manufacturer: Black & White Games  Visit their site
Designer: Mike Petty
Players: 3 to 8
Time: 30 to 60 Minutes
Categories: Card Game
Ages: 8 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $5.00 - Retail $1.00
Reward Points: 500
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From the Publisher...

Everyone loves a deal. How about three great games for an ridiculously low price? That's what you'll find on the now mis-named Three 4 $5 collection.

We apologize that the name of this game collection is so misleading, as we now sell it for a mere $3.50! You still get the same fun three games and the videos. The packaging on the game is now a CD sleeve rather than a jewel case. Our savings are passed on to you!

The Three 4 $5.00 collection is a Black & White Games experiment featuring the game King for a Day. Be sure to check out the review on the 'Geek at the link below!

If you don't mind printing your game, this single title is worth the price of the whole CD!

The King for a Day review states: "In short: Constant fun, constant challenge, constant choice. Fully engaging. This is a well thought out game and it's a shame that its not been produced by a full blooded games company, as the game play deserves full production quality components."

For under $5.00 you get a CD that contains three different Print-and-Play games and a couple short movies.

First, the B&W games...

The three games below are found on the CD as files in pdf format. The game files contain the rules and special components required to play. You'll have to print and cut out a few pages for each game to get the cards and tokens required. Additional items will be needed for each one too. So, yes, there's a little more work involved for preparation. But that's why you get three games for under $5!

Here are brief descriptions for each one.

King for a Day

On the fairy-tale island of Arleon the players compete for right to be the first king. In fear of civil war, the wise rulers determined each potential ruler would rule for only one day and after a time they would choose the best among them for the throne. In the game, one player takes on the role as king each round, granting bonuses and advantages to the other players who offer the best deals. After several rounds, the player who amassed the most power through a developing city wins the right to be the first king of Arleon.

The edition that appears in this collection is a simple, trimmed down negotiation and resource management game with a novel offer mechanic. We've enjoyed it for years and it still fills a void in my collection - that of a short, non-confrontational negotiation game that gives room for thought, but also leaves plenty of room for laughs. The game is for three to five players and it can be completed in 45- 60 minutes.

Get Paul That Promotion (2nd Edition)

What more could be said about this game of not being too creative?

Four to six players can enjoy this game and it takes about 45 minutes to complete.


This is the game that takes no time to explain before playing! I based it on Speculation, a simple gambling game that uses a standard deck of playing cards. Blackmail uses the same basic rules, but special cards are included to add more choices and suprises. The simple choices and special cards that come up can be explained to everyone as the game is played.

The game works best for 4 - 8 players.

The Three 4 $5.00 collection is part of the Black & White Games Blanket Project. See the publisher's site for details.

Our Comments...

The number of players and playing times vary from game to game in this collection. Each game requires some extra items (such as chips, pencils or paper) in addition to the printing requirements. The videos on this CD are in Windows Media File format.

See the publisher's page for complete information on the games and movies.

Read more information at the Board Game Geek website

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"King for a Day" is my favorite game so far!

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