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Star Wars CMG Force Unleashed Booster Pack

Star Wars CMG Force Unleashed Booster Pack by Wizards of the Coast
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Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast  Visit their site
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Our Price:  $15.27 - Retail $21.99
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From the Publisher...

Unlock the Secret Power of the Force

The Clone Wars are over, and the Empire is rising. In this dark time, Darth Vader secretly takes on a Sith Apprentice of his own to assist in the hunt for the Galaxy's remaining Jedi. Together, they will unleash the Force like never before, and determine the course of an Empire!

Celebrate thirty years of Star Wars with this exciting Star Wars Miniatures Game set featuring 16 characters from LucasArts’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game as well as characters across the entire Star Wars saga.

The Star Wars Miniatures Game allows fans to stage their own epic battles with the most diverse collection of high quality, authentic figures available. So pick a side, gather your squad, and may the Force be with you!

Booster Pack components:
6 standard miniatures and 1 Huge miniature with statistics cards
Randomized, prepainted, fully assembled, durable plastic miniatures

Miniatures are pre-painted plastic
Miniatures can be used to play skirmish-level or mass-battle combat scenarios or to add dimension to Star Wars roleplaying games

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