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Lord Of The Rings Children's Game

Lord Of The Rings Children's Game by Eagle Games
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Manufacturer: Eagle Games  Visit their site
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Players: 2 to 5
Time: 20 to 30 Minutes
Game Type: Children's Board Game
Ages: 6 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $23.45 - Retail $29.99
Reward Points: 2,345
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From the Publisher...

Now kids can experience the fun & excitement of the Lord of the Rings by having their own adventures in Middle Earth. During the game, players move their Hobbits through Middle Earth, overcoming obstacles and braving encounters with fantastic creatures. The first player to move their hobbit safely to the Dark Tower wins the game.

• Simple, fun gameplay for kids 6 and up
• Artwork by the internationally acclaimed children’s book illustrators Ingrid and Dieter Schubert
• Game designed by award-winning author Reiner Knizia


Our Comments...

Here's a mini-review by Mike Petty from our June 21, 2003 newsletter:

Eagle Games is distributing this game in the US. I know the box says it’s for ages 6 and up, but I couldn’t resist picking this up for my son and daughter. They’re only 3 and 4 respectively, but with a little help from Mom and Dad, they enjoy the game a lot.

Coming from Reiner Knizia, I was a little surprised to see this is a roll and move game. Still, there are some choices and nice variety. Give me this over Candyland any day when the kids want to play a game!

The illustrations are very nicely done. You’ll find no horrifying representations of Uruk-Hai and orcs here. All major “friends” and “enemies” are included, making a great introduction to the fancinating world of Tolkien.

There are rules to a basic game and advanced game. The basic game is very simple, with far less choices. We only played it once, then moved on to the advanced game. In both games, the goal is to defeat enemies along the path, gain friends, and work your way towards Sauron. The first to defeat him wins.

Being a mini-review, I better get to the point. Is it a good game? Well, my two kids really like it and are always ready to start a game. I just asked them again and they agreed it’s a lot of fun. It plays in about 20 minutes and sometimes we do two in a row. I’m definitely glad I picked it up for them and I look forward to many more plays over the years to come.

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Ryan Strong

This is a great game for kids. Simple enough for anyone who can count to five, and the cool theme makes it easy to get kids to play; even boys who might otherwise think they're too cool. I have fun every time I play this, and despite a slight strategic advantage, sometimes I even lose.

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