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El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
   A.J. Sansom

One of the classic games that has certainly held its appeal over time. The inclusion of the modular expansions pushes this one over the top.... it's a must buy for anyone with a serious game collection!

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
   Danny - NYC Meetup
Simply the finest board game I've ever played. Very clever mechanics and an absolute joy with 3 to 5 players. I've never had a bad game in many, many playings. There is no element of chance, but the tables can definately be turned in the final turn, which keeps the game tense and interesting to the end.

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
El Grande is a very strategic game about exerting influence. When I first played this game almost 10 years ago, I fell in love with it. Since that first play, it has sat quite comfortably in my top 10 favorite games. Plenty of player interaction and difficult choices abound as you juggle a number of different things to reach the goal of being the most influential player in the game. At times you will bask in the glory of a stunning move and other times want to strangle an opponent who just pulled the rug right out from under you. If you like heavy strategy, then El Grande is for you!

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
So I just discovered this game when a friend introduced it to me. I guess it has been a classic among gamers for many years and I would whole-heartedly agree. After one game to learn the rules we couldn't stop playing. It is a great game that really makes you pay attention to strategy.

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
This is one of the greatest and near perfect games ever. It will play best with competitive game players who don't mind that the theme (Grandes and their knights competing for power in medieval Spain) is a bit pasted on, and the colors are a bit too muted. The Decennial Edition has a few production errors (a few cards are missing some of their printed text on them) but the rules explain them so experience quickly overcomes this unfortunate error for a game of this expense. (Rio Grande, the publisher, so far as I know has not yet offered reprints for complaining customers.) Some of the expansions (Colonies) add unnecessary game length and complication but some (King and Intrigue) are splendid variations on the theme.

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
   Stephen B
Great game, as a lot of replay value takes a little bit to learn the rules, but they are not overly complicated. With the expansions included this game as a lot to offer,

El Grande - Decennial (10 year) Edition (Expansions Included)   (View Game)
   Tim Kennedy
Simply a great game... the best area-influence game out there. (IMO) The mechanics are clean and work together seamlessly. The gameplay is tense and full of momentum shifts and hey, it comes with a cool, black tower. Great production value overall and even the rules are clear and meticulous in their presentation. Kramer is one of the best designers out there and this is arguably his best game.


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