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Customer Raves
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The Resistance   (View Game)
   Damon Asher

For me, I find this game to have 90% of the fun of Battlestar Galactica in 10% of the time. Root out the traitors!

7 Wonders: Leaders   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
The great thing about this expansion is that it gives you some direction at the beginning of the game. You have a reason to go for certain cards from the outset based on which leaders you have, and that adds very nicely to the replay value and interest level of the game for experienced players.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
This game is a great one to play with casual gamers who are looking for something more interesting than the standard fare. The card drafting here is very fun, and the game has just enough strategic options to give you some real choices without being overwhelming.

Chaos In The Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
This expansion makes an amazing game even better. It adds a wonderfully well-integrated fifth player, as well as providing a better set of cards for the existing powers. No more underpowered upgrades that no one ever takes, and the more overpowered cards and toned down a bit. Highly recommended!

Chaos in the Old World   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
Wow, do I love this game. It's fundamentally an area control Eurogame, but you'd never notice it underneath all the dice rolling, special powers, and theme. Actually, I'm not wild about the theme, but the mechanisms here are so good I'd play it even if it was about trading in the Mediterranean. Each character requires its own strategies, so this is at least 4 games in one, and the experience gets better as your group learns the subtleties.

Duel of Ages - Set 4 - Royal Tournament   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
This is my favorite of the small "Key" expansions. It has simple rules, and most of your characters will be able to contribute here. It is a highly competitive key, unlike some of the other ones where it's not worth it to try to catch up if one player gets way ahead,

Duel of Ages - Set 3 - Vast Horizons   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
Getting more maps of different ages is really key to getting the most strategy out of the game, as these platters give you the opportunity to put in terrain that is optimal for your team. After Intensity, get this expansion!

Duel of Ages - Set 2 - Intensity   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
If you get only 1 Duel of Ages expansion, this is the one to get. Team Bases add tremendously to the game!

Duel of Ages - Set 1 - Worldspanner   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
No other game I have played generates a rich, entertaining narrative like this one. The character's abilities all fit so well with the archetypes they represent, that you can't help but become immersed in the story as you play with them (unlike many other similar games where characters are just a series of stats). The rules are streamlined enough that they get out of the way and let you enjoy the action and strategy. Tons and tons of replay value here!


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