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Ninjato   (View Game)

This is the first game I bought. I didn't know what to expect, but I could tell from the box the pieces were high quality (wooden ninja stars!) and the art style was amazing. Game play might take awhile to explain. With the scoring, it usually comes out pretty close in the end. There aren't too many moves to make (It's a worker placement game.) so you are forced to be strategic about your moves. The theme is well-developed and the mechanics keep one player from gaining too much of a lead.

Munchkin Booty   (View Game)
I love it! It's another Munchkin, but pirate themed. And who doesn't love pirates? Watch out for sharks because some of them will eat you alive.

Grimoire   (View Game)
Grimoire is a card drafting and set collection spell casting game. It is definitely worth the money to add it to your collection. Turn order is determined by which spells you cast and can mess with other players. If you are into the mystical, spell casting thing, it is a must.

Gloom   (View Game)
Gloom is a depressing card game for up to 4 players. The cards are a transparent plastic design which allow for limitless combinations of hilariousness. I recommend it for a mature audience as it does involve killing off characters in horrible ways. The level of player interaction is higher than most games which is a definite plus.

Eco Fluxx (EcoFluxx v 1.2)   (View Game)
Although this version is not as hilarious as others, it does focus on environmental themes. It follows the sames rules as the Fluxxes; the rules are the card you put down. I recommend it as a light party game.

Evo   (View Game)
Killer babies! Baby dinosaurs, that is. In Evo, you play a geneticist that manipulates the traits of his or her dinosaurs in order to survive, but they all die in the end when the asteroid hits, so what's the point of this game...? Make your dinosaurs live as long as possible by moving them to a specific climate area. Game play involves fighting other players dinosaurs for territory. Graphics are amazing and the game pieces are well-made. You should probably just buy this game for the dinosaur meeples. Ha ha.

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Boardgame   (View Game)
Castle Ravenloft is an amazing cooperative role-playing game. Each person is assigned a different character and uses those stats to attack monstes and help the group. The goal is to gather treasures and leave before the monsters kill you. Believe me when I say they will kill you! The game is tough to win because monsters keep appearing all over the place. It is a 2-3 hour game, but extremely fun to play with friends. Recommended with 5 players.

Citadels - (Includes The Dark City Expansion)   (View Game)
Citadels is an interesting card game where you take on different roles each round. These roles determine player order and have special powers. The goal of the game is to construct buildings which earn you points, but don't get too hasty because someone might tear it down. The only irritating thing is you might get killed or thieved from the entire game!

Carcassonne   (View Game)
A classic board game played with your friendly colored meeples. This game focuses on tile placement strategies.The rules straight-forward, but calculating where to put your pieces is where the action takes place.

Betrayal At House On The Hill   (View Game)
I've only played this once, but it is an amazing game. It starts off as cooperative and changes to all against one when the traitor arises. From what I've seen there are many scenarios that can make this replayable. The theme is excellent and the game is high quality with all the pieces you need.

Bohnanza   (View Game)
Although I don't particularly like the theme or artwork of this game, I do enjoy the game play. It focuses on hand management and interactions with other players. You have to play cards from your hand in order unless you can make a deal with another player. Otherwise, it will destroy your score and you will be forced to clear out your bean field. I also like the idea that beans are finite and once a person has scored it changes the statistics for the game.

Blokus   (View Game)
Blokus is a fun, quick game for all ages. It's like Tetris against other people and plays on spatial relationships. It has nice, translucent game pieces and a nice ridged board to keep the pieces from sliding around.

Apples to Apples   (View Game)
Apples to Apples is a good party game for a group of 5-10 people. The game play is simple and can be played in a relaxed manner. It can be a hilarious and entertaining game for all.

A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)   (View Game)
A top-notch game. There are a lot of actions to take and many decisions to be made so it makes game play is unpredictable. It's a tough game to learn, but if you love the TV show or book series, it is worth your time. Each player represents a house and plays with their related characteristics.

Talisman (4th Edition)   (View Game)
Talisman is definitely a long, adventurous game. The theme is well-developed and truly feels like a journey. Amazing artwork and nice character figures.

Shadows Over Camelot Expansion : Merlin's Company   (View Game)
This expansion makes the game enough tougher, but if you don't play hard, go home! Sometimes, Merlin won't help you and the evil cards are even more terrible. It is a must if you already own Shadows Over Camelot.

Shadows Over Camelot   (View Game)
A very hard game to win. I love the cooperative play. You must work together to win and sometimes kill yourself to defeat the traitor.

Small World Underground   (View Game)
Better than the original! Again, the pieces are well made and the graphics are gorgeous. The added feature of treasures and ruins make this game even more enticing.

Small World Board Game   (View Game)
Amazing monster civilization game. This should be on your gaming shelf! The pieces are well made and the graphics are gorgeous. The replay-ability of races is up with near limitless combinations.

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
Another train game! I've only played one train game though. The short and long term goals create intent on railroad building, but the passengers allow for extra points on the side. You never know who will win in the end.

Alhambra - English Edition   (View Game)
Classic. Great tile placement and card management game. The scoring system is unique and allows points for 2nd and 3rd. The only confusing thing is having colors for the money and the building type. Simple game play allows for easy integration of new players.

Tsuro   (View Game)
Quick tile game. Good for a filler or light game play.

Zooloretto   (View Game)
Cute game of animal collection. Good for children and adults alike.

7 Wonders: Cities   (View Game)
Adds another player to the game and some interesting twists. I especially like the abilities to put a player in debt and avoid battles.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
Great game for a large group. Good for a filler and keeps everyone engaged with simultaneously action.


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