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Illuminati Crime Lords   (View Game)
   Swordfish - Steve Jackson

This game is sweet once you sit down and learn how to play. It plays a lot like the original Illuminati, but with a gangster theme. You build your mob and pit them against rival mobs (other players). There are a bunch of small pieces that can easily be lost, so keep the game somewhere safe & stable, or at least have a watchful eye on the markers. I really love this game. it typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete a 2 player game.

Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord   (View Game)
   Swordfish - Atlas Games
This is a very cool game. I just got it in yesterday and my friends and I had a game going within an hour of opening the package. The rules aren't very long, but there is a lot to learn about the game. Expect to spend about 30 minutes reading the rules alone. The rules are on double sided legal paper, so it's not like a 223 page rulebook like you get with a lot of complex tabletop games. If you enjoy adventuring, yet you lack the space to play a game like Runebound, then Dungeoneer is a good choice to go with. The game is comprised of cards, you use map cards to map out the dungeons and wilderness and then your heros move throughout the map, collecting "glory", which you use to benefit your character, and "peril", which is used by other players to play banes and monsters on you. To win, you must either complete 3 quests, or defeat all opponents. Typically, it says that the amount of time it takes to complete a game is roughly 30 minutes per player, so if 4 players, it could take roughly 2 hours, so plan your time accordingly.

Runebound Board Game (2nd Edition)   (View Game)
   Swordfish - Adventuring
This is a sweet adventuring game. You start out by picking a hero at random, grab your starting gold and begin your quest for loot and experience. There are 5 unique movement dice which have graphical representations of the surrounding terrain. You must role the corresponding terrain symbols in order to move across them, or not roll at all and opt for a movement to one spot adjacent in any direction. Take quests and complete them for gold and loot, grab allys who help you in your battles, collect 3 runes or kill the dark lord for a victory. Plays in about 1-2 hours and is a load of fun for everyone, but make sure you keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, for they may choose the easier route of robbery than fighting a dragon for its rune.

Greed Quest   (View Game)
   Swordfish - Steve Jackson
This is a great game and its fun to play, though you will need 3 or more players to do it. What is so great about this game is that the rules are so simplistic, you could be playing within 5 minutes after purchasing it. The rules read extremely easily and aren't hard to remember. The cards that are issued to you match those of the cards your opponents hold, but each card can affect another in a different way, which makes it hard to win. If you have a bit of patience and you have that sort of "thief" aura about you (not neccesarily one who is a thief, but enjoys grabbing the loot and running as fastly as possible in the other direction), you should really check this one out.

Dork Tower Boxed Game   (View Game)
   Swordfish - Steve Jackson
This game is awesome! Apparently it is a parody of a game made in 1981 by the name of "Dark Tower", which utilized a microprocessor to act as a Dungeon Master for the game by presseing the corresponding button to the action you were taking that turn. Dork Tower has no neat processor in the middle, but it is full of personality. You basically go around the board fighting monsters, trying to become powerful enough to assault the wizard at the top of the tower. You can use the wizard (who you fight to win the game) to evoke curses which inhibit kingdoms and players. Collect gold, buy magic items, spend xp to buy a definate roll of 6 on a single die, etc. This game is a lot of fun to play even if you are losing. Anytime I ask if friends want to play a game, that is the one that is requested. You should really check this one out if you enjouy the adventurer/hack & slash type of boardgame.

Battle Cattle : The Card Game   (View Game)
This game is a lot of fun. It is almost a duplicate of another game made by Steve Jackson, by the name of "Car Wars: the Card Game". In fact, the games are so similar that Steve Jackson decided to make them bindable. So, if you own both decks, they mesh together as a cow versus car battle royale! (dont ask me *shrug*) Let me begin by describing "Car Wars: the Card Game", so I have a basis of comparison. In "Car Wars: the Card Game", you could fire missles, machine guns, auto cannons, flamethrowers, and all types of weapons at another car, trying to peneterate a side of their armor to be able to take a shot at the driver's body. In "Battle Cattle", there is a "Methane" body shot card which passes gas on your opponent for a body shot of 3 damage (graphical representation shows an image of a cow with a green hue encompassing it). Both games are a riot and I would highly suggest this one, especially if you already own "Car Wars: the card game".


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