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Customer Raves
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Drakon   (View Game)
   Todd - after work game group

A fast fun game that hits the table pretty much every game night. Lots of decisions to make, screwing other players and short play time.Great game to warm up with before a long game night.

Glory To Rome (version I.V)   (View Game)
Glory to Rome is a challenging card game that provides much more "gaming" fun then what may appear from the cards. Essentially, Glory is a slightly more complex version of San Juan (and Puerto Rico) in that players can use the cards for a number of different purposes --the card power itself, currency (to bring other cards into play), and markers or resources. Because of the variety of uses and the number of different cards, a "learning game" before you play "for real" with friends is recommended. Also, don't let the cartoonish art (Asterix anyone?) put you off. This is a refined, interesting game. Worse than the art, are the garish, bright primary colors used for the various 'suits' (roles) in the game. All that said, this game is a fantastic value and is highly recommended as a great deal that will be fun to play for folks 12 and older.

UNO   (View Game)
Easy to play. A must have with fun rules that you can change to make the game play differently.

Settlers of Catan Board Game ; Cities & Knights (Third Edition) *ND   (View Game)
A must have if you have Settlers of Catan. By far the best additional game with Settlers. My personal favorite.

Settlers of Catan Board Game ; Seafarers of Catan (Third Edition) *ND   (View Game)
A great twist on the Settlers of Catan series. Totally different strategy. A good game to have with Settlers.

Axis and Allies   (View Game)
Hard game to learn and can be veary long, but is a fun and challenging.

Settlers of Catan Board Game ; (Third Edition) *ND   (View Game)
Settlers is a great game and it changes everytime you play it. It's a must have. My TOP 5 most important things to do in order to win. 1. Placement is a key. Place first on wheat and ore if possible with great numbers 2. Race to get placement by building roads, but if you don't need to race, build a city before anything else. 3. Longest road or largest Army is essiential to winning. Though you can win without them, it is difficult 4. Second placement can be a gamble. If you have good wheat and ore already, of course try and get wood and brick. Sheep is always in abundance it seems, so if nothing is left go for a harbor where your best numbers will aquire good trading possibilites. 5. Last is Number selections. The more different the numbers you have the better off you will be.


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