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Mystery of the Abbey (Includes Pilgrims Expansion)

Mystery of the Abbey (Includes Pilgrims Expansion) by Days of Wonder
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Manufacturer: Days of Wonder  Visit their site
Designer: Bruno Faidutti
Serge Lalet
Players: 3 to 6
Time: 60 to 90 Minutes
Game Type: Board Game
Categories: Medieval
Ages: 8 and up
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $44.95 - Retail $60.00
Reward Points: 4,495
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From the Publisher...

The peaceful Templars' Abbey is a rare haven of tranquility for road weary travelers. And so you found it when you arrived late last night. That serenity was shattered this morning with the discovery of the lifeless body of Brother Adelmo at the foot of the Monastery's cliffs. Did the usually nimble-footed Brother slip to his death? Or did someone help him in his fall?

Mystery of the Abbey is a new kind of "whodunit" game of deduction and intuition, set in a medieval abbey. Players compete and collaborate to solve the mystery by moving through the Abbey's beautifully rendered board and questioning their brethren. Gameplay is in turn fun, captivating and tense; the atmosphere, vivid; the immersion, complete. Constant interactivity between the players, intelligent questioning and dynamic intrigue make Mystery of the Abbey the game of choice for an hour of fun with friends and family alike.

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Jon Waddington

A really original game that is extremely easy to learn. The deductive element encourages detailed analysis and note-taking, yet intuitive leaps are also rewarded, making it suitable (or unsuitable, if you're a sour sort) for mixed groups of gamers and non-gamers. The strong theme also shines through.

If you like the classic Clue, you'll love Mystery of the Abbey. Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Will you rely on interrogation or keep silent, using books scattered in the Abbey for clues? Event cards drawn each round add to the chaotic environment, and the fun

An exciting mystery/deduction game. Days of Wonder always does a great job with components and theme. If you like deduction games this one is a must for you collection. This is a great family game.

Enjoyed Clue as a child? How about a grown-up version? Mystery of the Abbey is very much that, with a great deal more involved. The premise is similar - who killed the monk - but combined with an intriguing map, global effects, and an infinite realm of player questioning. This is a beautiful and fun game that promotes deep thinking and entertainment.

Alex L
This is Clue, but many levels better. The murder takes place in a monastery. The suspects are the murdered monk's colleagues: other monks. You go around the monastery searching for clues, and you deduce which monk is the murderer by whether they are clean-shaven or not, hooded or not, thin or fat, and tall or short. Good gateway game. There are notepads for your players. Days of Wonder makes good games esp. those that want to get into boardgames.

Mystery of the Abbey is the most thematic deduction game I've ever tried. The setting, the bell, the miniatures - it all blends perfectly with the mechanics. What really makes Mystery of the Abbey stand out, however, is that you have a great deal freedom in how you gather information, since you have to phrase your questions yourself. This requires some skill and reasoning ability, which is what gives this game longevity - you really feel that you are improving when you play it more often. Adding the included Pilgrims cards is also a nice option if you should have played the base game so much that you want a bit more spice.

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