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Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot by Days of Wonder
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Manufacturer: Days of Wonder  Visit their site
Designer: Bruno Cathala
Serge Laget
Players: 3 to 7
Time: 90 Minutes
Categories: Adventure
Mechanics: Variable Player Powers
Co-operative Play
Availability: Unavailable 
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Our Price:  $41.95 - Retail $60.00
Reward Points: 4,195
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From the Publisher...

The forces of evil are gathering around Camelot. The Black Knight was sighted atop a desolate ridge; a scheming Morgan plots her revenge; the Saxon troops are on the move; and acres of timber are being felled for the siege engines. And yet Lancelot has all but vanished, with Excalibur yet to be recovered. These are dangerous times indeed! Will you, young squire, come forth and pledge allegiance to your fellow Knights at the Round Table? Or will the dark promise of power seduce you into treason? Shadows Over Camelot is a unique collaborative game featuring a malevolent twist! As the incarnation of the Knights of the Round Table, players work together to defeat the forces closing in on Camelot. But bewareĆ’ players must be vigilant for a traitor in their midst who is biding his time - secretly sowing the seeds of havoc and destruction!

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Terry Carr - Fair Play Games

I finally got my chance to play it, now I can't wait to play again. It's similar to Lord of the Rings Board game, but with more strategy and deduction - which I like. The whole concept of a cooperative play game intrigues me, yet I really wanted to be the traitor that secretly sabotages the quest. I'd highly recommend this game to anyone who loves cooperative play, or who can submerge themsleves into a theme - King Arthur and the round table, what could be better?

Why did it take me so long to buy this game? We've played 7 games in the last 2 weeks and can't wait to play again. The whole family loves it, with or without the traitor (but especially with!). The collaborative aspect is unique and (amazingly) adds an underlying tension you wouldn't expect. Gather the family (or friends),turn off the TV and play this game!

octavio morales
this is a semi cooperative game with very nice bits and minis. there is always a possibility of a traitor among the players. the replayability is very high

I decided to buy this based almost solely on the cooperative play element, and I am glad I did. This is definitely one of the best cooperative is engrossing without getting too bogged down in rules like Arkham Horror can be. The Arthurian element is comfortable and welcome.

Mr Waiguoren
A great cooperative game. The traitor is what really makes the game. Of course there may not be any traitor at all, but can you take that chance? The tension in this game is high, not only in the search for the traitorous knight, but also in continuing the fight against evil before it overwhelms Camelot. An easy game to teach people who haven't played many games and a great way to introduce them to cooperative gaming.

Bryan O'Connell
Shadows Over Camelot is an adventure and will end epically. While everyone is working on quests for King Arthur, someone is working against them. The traitor gets to play a game of subtlety until just the right time...and then strikes! This is a game that people can get really into and lose track of time. It's an experience. Supports up to 7 people (and no one gets bored when it's not their turn) Enjoy!

Bryan O'Connell
Shadows Over Camelot is an epic game that features one player as a traitor. The traitor must play a game of subtlety for the first half of the game and then do everything he can to defeat King Arthur's knights. The game has multiple ways to win and lose so each game might play out differently. It supports up to 7 players and trust me, no one gets bored. Enjoy!

This is a great cooperative game that is hand management card game at it's core. The traitor element adds an interesting twist, who can you trust? Days of Wonder always does an excellent job with components and this game is no exception. This game is a great game with an interesting theme.

Stephen B
This is a game that everyone always wants to play when I bring it. It is a coop game where you and your friends are knights of the round table trying to protect Camelot. Over the course of the game you have to deal both a traitor in your midst and the evil actions you must take before your every turn.

A.J. Sansom
This game feels like it is going to kick your butt for 98% of the time, but somehow we usually find a way to triumph over the evil forces. Great feel for a game!

Ken B.
Still one of the better games in the modern co-op realm, with the typical lavish Days of Wonder production. When this is laid out on the table, people will crowd around to see what type of game you're playing. The traitor element adds some great paranoia and accusations.

I lingered on trying this game for a while, not certian it would entertain me. But after trying it not too long ago, i can say this: it. is. amazing! The art is perfect, the game-play is simple but not too simple, the difficulty is challenging but not too hard. The player variability keeps it interesting and the traitor aspect only makes it that much deeper. Easily one of the best cooperative games out there and definintly the best to start people out on. You'll be hooked and playing within an hour, and win/lose in less than another!

A great cooperative game, made even more intense that by the presence of a traitor!!! Tons of fun and replayablity.

A very hard game to win. I love the cooperative play. You must work together to win and sometimes kill yourself to defeat the traitor.

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