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Shadows Over Camelot   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren

A great cooperative game. The traitor is what really makes the game. Of course there may not be any traitor at all, but can you take that chance? The tension in this game is high, not only in the search for the traitorous knight, but also in continuing the fight against evil before it overwhelms Camelot. An easy game to teach people who haven't played many games and a great way to introduce them to cooperative gaming.

Settlers of Catan Board Game   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
This is the second designer game I ever bought and has probably been played more than any other I have. A great way to introduce new people to gaming, and even more fun to play with experienced Catan players. Unlike some Euro games, there is plenty of player interaction. Trading and competing for the best spots adds a lot of fun to this classic game.

Ticket To Ride - Europe   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A personal favorite among the Ticket to Ride series of games. The game offers a very tight competitive map that can get crowded very quickly. However train stations can always be used to bail yourself out of a difficult situation. I also like the separation of long tickets and short tickets. The best of the TTR games, in my opinion.

Twilight Imperium: Shattered Empire   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A fantastic expansion to an already great game. This expansion adds so many options to the base game, that any Twilight Imperium fan should definitely look into Shattered Empire. The new alien races are all unique and have interesting abilities and the new system tiles add more flavor to your galaxy. A whole new set of role cards will cause you to rethink all of your strategies from the original game. Great expansion.

Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
This is a truly epic game and one of the favorites of my collection. The mix of so many mechanics from role selection, combat, to technology development seems like it could be a disaster. But this game finds the perfect blend and leaves everyone wanting more, even after hours of playing. With so many variants and options to play with, I don't think we will ever get tired of this game of galactic conquest.

Saboteur   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
The fact that you don't know how many saboteurs are in the group creates a tense atmosphere in this semi-cooperative game. And even among the gold diggers, there is competition to be the one who digs the final tunnel that will strike gold. A great, fast, easy to teach game for almost anyone.

Quelf   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A great party game if you're playing with creative people that don't mind making fools of themselves. Like most party games, it's not about winning, it's about having fun and letting loose. Every time we play this game, it has produced moments we won't soon forget.

Puerto Rico   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
This is one of the all time great strategy games. Between role selection and balancing the need for money and victory points, each round is full of interesting choices. There are many games where you have to build and manage an economic engine but Puerto Rico is one of the best.

Pandemic - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
This wonderful cooperative game gets more addictive as you increase the difficulty. Playing once in a sitting is usually impossible. The best mechanic of the game is the epidemic cards. This brilliant mechanic allows for varying difficulty levels, and ensures that each game has varied hot spot cities.

Manila   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
Manila is not often mentioned alongside better known "gateway" games, but it is an excellent gambling game that is always a hit in our group. The mix of gambling roulette style every round with the stock market mechanic makes this game truly unique and worth checking out.

Lifeboats   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A great game with no luck that relies only on your ability to negotiate and bluff other players. While stabbing your friends in the back (and having your back stabbed at the same time) might not be for everyone, this game is great for those who play for fun and don't mind having all their sailors drowning in a leaky lifeboat.

Galaxy Trucker   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
If you like games where you get to plan out your strategy carefully and see it executed perfectly, this is not the game for you. But if you like a fast, fun game where all of your best-laid plans could be thrown out the window in one meteor shower, then give Galaxy Trucker a try. It's fun working furiously to cobble together your ship, and even more fun watching it get blown apart.

Dominion   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
This game is great because of all of the different combinations of cards that can be used. Even with just the base game, it has a lot of replayability. It's a lot of fun setting up your perfect deck to enable you to use the best combos, but at the same time you can't lose sight of gaining more money and balance that with obtaining the all-important victory point cards.

Domaine   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A great area control game. I love the mechanism of building walls that helps create your domaines, but also helps your neighbors finish their domaines as well. Once everyone's castles are walled in, then the fun really begins. Points can change hands quickly as territories expand and recede.

Dice Town   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A fantastic poker-style game with dice. Easy for anyone to pick up quickly, and while there is a lot of luck in the game, there is still a decent amount of strategy for those looking for it. A great, fast game that could work with almost any group of people.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
The first designer game that I ever bought. This is considered a classic "gateway" game for a reason. It is easy for any one in the family to pick up and start playing right away. While I haven't got into any of the countless expansions for this game, I still enjoy playing the base game as each time is very different than the last.

Castle   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
An underrated game. For us we didn't quite get it the first couple of games, but after a few tries, we were able to see the strategy behind the gameplay. A great little game that doesn't take long to teach, but takes a while to master. The two player version is very strategic, while 5 players is fun chaos.

Blokus   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
One of the best abstract strategy games for 4 people. The game takes a minute to explain and is popular with almost any group. Young, old, men and women all get into this game and want to play again immediately after their first try.

Bang! 4th Edition   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
I originally bought both the base game and Dodge City expansion, but I find with our friends, the base game works better by itself, although we still use the characters and a few of the blue-bordered cards from Dodge City. The game is at its best when people are playing fast and loose, without too much thinking and strategizing.

Axis and Allies   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A&A is amazing fun (unless you're stuck being Russia). Each country has its own flavor and it's interesting to watch different strategies play out each time it's played. If people are tired of playing Risk and want to move to the next level, this is the game for them.

Agricola   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
I love this game. The farming theme may seem strange at first, but all of my friends have enjoyed playing it. Even people who haven't played any games in the past were able to get into it, despite its supposed complexity. The gameplay is very intuitive as you build up your farm.

Acquire   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
A true classic. You need a balanced strategy as you try to become the majority shareholder in not just the biggest hotels, but also the smaller ones that will be acquired, providing you with capital to buy more stocks.


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