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Carcassonne   (View Game)

A classic board game played with your friendly colored meeples. This game focuses on tile placement strategies.The rules straight-forward, but calculating where to put your pieces is where the action takes place.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Matt Kaiser
This is an excellent game, and well worth the price. It is a lot of fun for teens and young adults, has plenty of strategy, and plays fast, which is nice a lot of times. Games take about 30-40 minutes. Easy to understand and strategy is learned as you go. Highly recommend.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
Great game for gamers and non-gamers alike. Has converted a few of my friends to gamers :)

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Danny - NYC Meetup
Great game! High replay value, and unique scoring. I really don't think the farmers have such a huge advantage like some people say. Very simple to learn. Nice looking tiles.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
Tile placing, worker placement/control, and a good theme: perfect balance of strategy and time. Also good for two players.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Chris Korfmann
Carcassonne is a wonderfully imaginiative game for players of most skill levels. Players both new and old will enjoy Carcassonne and older children love the game. Quickly addictive, this game will have you ready to sell your soul for a lucky tile draw. You'll soon be dreaming of meeples and the perfect tile to finish your city.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
This is the game that got me into board games. A great gateway game, we often play just this for 5-6 hour stretches. Simple and easy to learn at the surface, but can also provide depth for veteran players. I never grow tired of Carcassonne, even after trying out many new games since then.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Mark P
It's a great gateway game because the gameplay is easy to pick up. The only complicated part is the scoring. Even hardcore gamers will have fun just putting tiles on the board and making them fit.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
Carcassonne is a neat challenge where you lay tiles to build roads, cities, and farms in the french countryside. No two games are ever quite the same, and the game plays quickly with the base set.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
This is a really great game. The strategy changes depending on who you play against, the expansions make it so that there are infinite possibilities and different game plays and the replay value is high. I highly recommend it.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
There are a ton of expansions and variants of this game. You may or may not want to pick any of them up, but one thing is evident: the original was a huge success, widely popular among gamers and nongamers alike. The mechanic is simple, brilliant, and repeatably enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Carcassonne   (View Game)
A great gateway game, and my own introduction into the world of gaming. The game play is simple enough for most to pick up, which the scoring keeps everyone in the game until the end. The best use of the farmers is probably the hardest part to pick up, but that comes with time.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Curt Carpenter
This game has sold how many bazillions of copies, including the countless expansions? A couple of the expansions really do make this better, but the base game is perfectly serviceable. Beware slow players, however. It's a tile placement game, and as the game progresses, each tile can be placed in more and more places, potentially resulting in mental meltdown. Letting people choose their tile at the end of each turn, rather than at the beginning, can help mitigate this somewhat.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
This game should be a standard in every game collection. This tile laying game offers a great blend of strategy and randomness. The components are great - meeples - need I say more?

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Stephen B
Very Simple to pick up. All you need to do is lay tiles. There is a randomness in the tiles you get, but there is a lot of strategy in placing you tiles and placing your people. Also there are a lot of expansions available to add variations to the game. This is a must have for any game collection.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Bryan O'Connell
Carcassonne is rated highly on and has a massive following. At its core it's a tile laying and area control type of game. There's a lot of strategy to be found in this game, and you're sure to rile up at least one other person by blocking them! For a game with this much strategy it's hard to believe you can play it in under an hour. Enjoy!

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Mr Waiguoren
The first designer game that I ever bought. This is considered a classic "gateway" game for a reason. It is easy for any one in the family to pick up and start playing right away. While I haven't got into any of the countless expansions for this game, I still enjoy playing the base game as each time is very different than the last.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
Welcome to the world of real games. Carcassone is the ultimate representation of the high quality German games that knock the socks off of all those Walmart games. Fun for the whole family and equally rewarding for 2 players up to 6 players. It is best with the first two expansions- Inns and Cathedrals and Traders and Builders. Some of the other expansions are fun- others not so much so. The big box is the best value if you want the two original expansions.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   octavio morales
Nice tile laying game, one of the first indeed. The game is not heavy so everyone in your family can play. The rules are fast to learn too.

Carcassonne   (View Game)
   Ryan Strong
One of the best games ever made. The mechanics are perfect, and it's so easy to teach, it's unbelievable. It may take players one whole game to understand certain aspects of the rules--such as farming--but games can be played in under an hour, so this isn't really a big deal. Generally regarded as a 'gateway' game, and for obvious reasons. In my group, it's the go-to filler game, either in-between games, or at the end of the night.


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