Fair Play's "Play by Play"
"Blue Moon - The Basic Set"


Expanding the Experience
There are eight additional decks available in the Blue Moon game system. Six of them represent the other peoples. Two other two introduce more peoples and new game concepts.

Thus the game is expandable, but note that it is not collectible. You only need to buy the decks you want and when you buy a deck you can be sure of the cards you're getting. There are no rare cards to hunt down or random booster packs filled with cards you already have.

Each people deck is pre-constructed and well-balanced for battles with the other decks. Special rules and powers in the decks give each of them their own unique feel during play. Learning the strengths of each deck when matched with each other deck will provide for many, many hours of gaming.

If that's not enough, the cards can also be mixed to create new and unique decks. Players familiar with deck building from CCGs can enjoy the experience with Blue Moon as well. Simple rules for deck construction allow for endless combinations to explore and master.

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