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Customer Raves
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Power Grid   (View Game)

One of my top five of all time. Creates so many tough decision points, which I really like.

Power Grid   (View Game)
Power Grid is amongst the top boardgames at BoardGameGeek for a reason: It is addictivley fun. The game's premise might seem boring but the gameplay is NOT! Very fun and not to long of a game, especially for all the strategy it involves. I would certaintly recommend it for most board gamers!

Power Grid   (View Game)
Power grid became one of my top 5 games almost immediately! This game involves bidding on different power plants, gathering resources, managing money and strategic city building. I also love that the game board is two sided so if playing in America gets boring you can always flip the board over and give Germany a shot. This game is AWESOME ... a must own for any game fan!

Power Grid   (View Game)
Great game, a little more advanced than settlers but less reliant on the luck of the die. Resource allocation makes this game different every time it is played.

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Danny - NYC Meetup
Wonderful, wonderful game. Played twice with 3 then 4 players. This game has already shot up to be one of the best that I own. We just finished a game and I'm already yearning to start another one. Can't stop thinking about what I would do next time. Lots of thinking, lots of strategies. All without the paralysis analysis problem. My best buy of the year.

Power Grid   (View Game)
Power Grid is generally considered one of the best economics games around, and it is very very good. I particularly like the way ressources appreciate in value when they become more used, which adds a nice element of structured randomness to each game.

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
It has bidding, weird player orders, and little wooden houses! What more could you ask from a game called Power Plant. Well, yeah, it also has power plants, but that goes without saying. Can wind up being a tedious study in simple algebra if you try too hard...

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Ken B.
Deep gameplay with awesome bits. Although the theme seems boring, you'll be wrapped up trying to create the perfect energy network and cursing when your opponent buys up the goods you need. One of the best boardgames.

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Mark P
This is one of my favorite games because of the game's economy. Supply and demand is in effect at all times. The best strategy is always about making the most efficient moves based on the state of the economy, and planning a few moves in advance. Not a game for non-gamers though!

Power Grid   (View Game)
The clever way of setting prices for fuel provides many interesting choices. Requires a focus on maximizing.

Power Grid   (View Game)
A hugely popular game that combines auctions with network building. Why is it so popular? Because it is just so fun. There is not doubt that this is a great family game. Turn the lights on and plug into this great game before it is too late.

Power Grid   (View Game)
Has anyone noticed the similarities between the game cover and the Isaac Asimov book, "The End of Eternity?" Power Grid is a great bidding and management of resources. You bid for power plants to fuel your cities but you must also find the optimal number in order to make a profit. Since cash determines who wins you have be careful where and when to expand. My group had fun with it even though the cover turned some people off.

Power Grid   (View Game)
   Bryan O'Connell
Power grid is ranked #4 on for a reason. It has a vast amount of depth for upper level players, yet an understandable game mechanic (auction) for less experienced players. Supports up to 6 players. This is the kind of game that, if you lose, you want to play it again immediately to see what you could've done better. Enjoy!

Power Grid   (View Game)
Great game! Race to get more power plants in more cities and the person who wins in the end is based on who has more money if there is a tie!

Power Grid   (View Game)
   octavio morales
power grid is one of the best games made ever. it uses a stock market system that is the juicy of the game and there is a bidding phase too. the interaction between players is very tense, and ther is 2 maps, one on each side of the board, which is a nice addition


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