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Customer Raves
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Game of Life   (View Game)

A classic that (almost) everyone knows. Not the greatest game for adults, but children can still have many good hours with this.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
This is a scenario-based war game, that is very accessable and easy to learn and play. Best suited for casual gamers as there is quite some luck involved.

Go Away Monster   (View Game)
Children's game that helps getting over night time anxiety in a playful way. The idea is great and the components are good. Only suitable for very small children.

Illuminati Deluxe   (View Game)
This really feels like much more than a card game. The theme makes sense and the different strategies that emerge are always interesting.

Talisman (4th Edition)   (View Game)
Very random, but very fun. Plays best with people used to roleplaying games.

Descent: Journeys In The Dark Second Edition   (View Game)
This is not really a traditional dungeon crawler but a detailed tactical fighting game. Takes a long time to play, but can be great fun.

Britannia   (View Game)
This game actually teaches a bit of history, while being a very enjoyable war game. Being strong and weak at different times in the game means that you have to be able to adapt your strategies a lot.

Cutthroat Caverns   (View Game)
The text on the box is really true - you do need cooperation to succeed, but you also have to betray the other players. Great with people who are used to roleplaying games.

Puerto Rico   (View Game)
What makes this game interesting is the selection of roles. By using the roles well, you can both benefit yourself and hinder your opponents.

Power Grid   (View Game)
The clever way of setting prices for fuel provides many interesting choices. Requires a focus on maximizing.

Hive   (View Game)
In essence, an abstract - but the theme works really well. Strategies are much deeper than they first appear.

Liar's Dice   (View Game)
Classic game of bluffing. If played in a party setting, it can be great fun.

Geschenkt - ist noch zu teuer!   (View Game)
Fast card play that is extremely easy to learn. Anyone can play, but the joy comes from forcing others to make choices they don't want, so it's best in a competitive group.

Heroscape Game Master Set   (View Game)
A must-have for 7-15 year old boys - and it plays great for adults too. You get a lot for your money in the master set.

Gulo Gulo (English Language Edition)   (View Game)
Children's game that is fun for adults too. Component quality is top notch.

Colossal Arena   (View Game)
I love the different powers for different creatures. Plays best with 4 players or more.

Lucky Loop   (View Game)
Best played with people who like dice games. It is fun to try for the harder tricks and (once in a while) succeed.

Ingenious (English version of Einfach Genial)   (View Game)
The victory conditions really make this make. You can't let any colour fall behind or all your other efforts are wasted.

El Grande - Damaged Box   (View Game)
Good for 3-5 players. I really like the castillo, since it allows me to surprise my opponents.

Fabrik der Traume   (View Game)
Outstanding auction game - especially if you are into classic movies.

Hare and Tortoise   (View Game)
This is really a classic that should not be missed - especially if you have children that have started learning basic math.

Dungeon Twister   (View Game)
Tactics and brain-burn like an abstract game, but dripping with theme!

Sid Meier's Civilization:The Boardgame (Second Edition) *ND   (View Game)
Feels just like the computer version - makes the hours fly by.

Icehouse Pieces - Clear   (View Game)
This is like buying hundreds of games in one! And it is great for inventing games yourself too.

Meuterer   (View Game)
If feels like a board game in card game format - makes it great for bringing along anywhere.


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