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Fury Of Dracula Board Game   (View Game)
   Mike T

Fury of Dracula is an excellent 1 vs. many board game that lasts between 2 and 3 hours per play. Think Milton Bradley's classic Scotland Yard meets Fantasy Flight's coop dynamo Arkham Horror! One player takes on the role of Bram Stoker's Dracula, while anywhere from 1 to 4 other players control a team of vampire hunters that attempt to track down and defeat Dracula. The game is very true to the novel and many of the "Events" in the game directly correlate to the book. The game board is a map of Europe which can be traversed by road, rail, or sea. Sea movement in this game is identical to Avalon Hill's Diplomacy. Dracula moves about the map in secret, while the vampire hunters spread out across Europe searching desperately for Dracula before he creates enough vampire minions to take over all of Europe. Once the hunters stumble onto Dracula's trail, they must fight their way through Arkham Horror-like "Encounters" left behind by Dracula in order to catch up to him. Unlike Scotland Yard, the hunters don't immediately win when they confront Dracula. In this game, the hunters must then attempt to fight and defeat Dracula in order to save Europe, but Dracula has the ability to fight back or escape. Should Dracula escape, the hunters must then choose to continue to fight their way through encounters to confront and fight Dracula again, OR rest and resupply and then track down Dracula's trail once more. The game is an excellent mix of teamwork, deduction, strategy, and dice-rolling (combat). This game is possibly THE most requested play out of my gaming group. We have also found it to be extremely balanced with Dracula winning about 50% of the time, and the hunters winning the other half of the time. I highly recommend this game if you are not put off by the 2-3 hour play time of this game. If you enjoy Scotland Yard or Arkham Horror, this is a must play!

Fury Of Dracula Board Game   (View Game)
   Bryan O'Connell
Fury of Dracula is a game for 2-5 players with a great theme. You will either be playing as Dracula and moving around in secret or you'll be controlling the vampire hunters who are trying to follow the trail. The game has a simple but satisfying fight mechanism that doesn't rely on a lot of dice rolling. The board itself is beautiful and fun to look at. If you love board games and the Dracula story, this one is a no brainer...just wear a scarf. Enjoy!

Fury Of Dracula Board Game   (View Game)
   Alex L
Great partially co-op game. One plays the most famous vampire in the world. Up to 4 other players play vampire hunters trying to defeat Dracula at the turn of the 20th century. Dracula travels Europe in secret, leaving a trail of blood in his wake, the hunters eager to find and defeat him before he reaches his objectives. Great for anyone familiar with Scotland Yard (think Count D as Mr. X), Can be played as a 2 player game with the 2nd player playing all 4 hunters. As they say, more players are better though.

Fury Of Dracula Board Game   (View Game)
   greg hodur
one player plays as dracula, up to 4 others try to stop him using characters from Bram Stokers story. Dracula tries to control europe with an army of vampires. he travels the continent leaving limited clues for the others to use to find and kill him. sounds easy? think again! dracula is strong, can change forms and even vanish when confronted. great strategy game if you have a few hours to play.


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