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Cranium   (View Game)
   Alex L

This is NOT your mom and dad's board game! Best for parties and family gatherings like X'mas, Turkey Day and New Year's Eve! Pull up your sleeves and get ready to draw, sculpt, think, act out, hum, impersonate and think some more (and sometimes, with a timer) in this madcap game of all games!

Cargo Noir   (View Game)
   Alex L
A good gateway game, 2-5 players play crime families scrambling to get their hands on smuggled goods. Players go to different ports to outbid their opponents for contraband like jewels, ivory and uranium and place them into their warehouses. These items are then cashed in for things that would help the player in the game or items that would boost the player's victory points. Good game. Give this game some props!

Mystery of the Abbey (Includes Pilgrims Expansion)   (View Game)
   Alex L
This is Clue, but many levels better. The murder takes place in a monastery. The suspects are the murdered monk's colleagues: other monks. You go around the monastery searching for clues, and you deduce which monk is the murderer by whether they are clean-shaven or not, hooded or not, thin or fat, and tall or short. Good gateway game. There are notepads for your players. Days of Wonder makes good games esp. those that want to get into boardgames.

Ticket to Ride: Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion   (View Game)
   Alex L
Note: this is an expansion. it is NOT necessary to get this if you think it's not fit for the game. This dino and alien makes your typical game of Ticket to Ride (and its many variations) a little bit more interesting. They block cities and prevent routes from being made. You and your opponents can control where they go. So if you're wanting to add a little more variation to your TTR games, pick this one up!

Forbidden Island   (View Game)
   Alex L
Great co-op game. You and your teammates go around a modular board game (so no 2 games are ever the same) trying to get the 4 elemental treasures. The Catch: the island is slowly disappearing beneath the waves. Card matching, cooperative play, and luck are needed to win this game. Very challenging to players of all ages! A must-get!

Gloom   (View Game)
   Alex L
2-4 player game of dark humour and even a darker goal: to make the members of your team/family miserable by card modifiers. Other players can also strive for victory by making their own family members more miserable than yours or make your family members happy, You then lock the numbers in by sending your family to their doom. Dark game, but the theme is unique and the gameplay is awesome!

Isla Dorada   (View Game)
   Alex L
Steer the expedition where you want it to by outbidding your opponents. One token represents the expedition; secret goals guide you to steer the expedition to gain points. Treasure increase your bottom line, the Leviathan and Sasquatch can block your path. Awesome game!

Chaos Marauders   (View Game)
   Alex L
It's a wacky race to build 3 battle lines before your opponents do. Battle standards to the right, musicians to the left. Anything past that and in between may include generals, war machines, archers, infantry of every humanoid race I can think of. Once a battle line is complete, you send them to charge the opponent. Roll the special die but don't get the Mark of Chaos! Send each of your completed battle lines charging and win the game! It's not as easy as it sounds though. The more players you have, the more chaotic the game becomes, hence the name.

Anima : Shadow of Omega Card Game (Revised Edition)   (View Game)
   Alex L
An amazing card game Western archetypical elements meets eastern philosophy set in a fantasy world where the heroes in your party try to save the world from the evil of Omega. Card play is used to uniquely represent travel and goal accomplishment while card and dice play simulate combat and sneaky moves. Great game! Pick up the expansion if you like this game. Oh, and there's a third expansion in the works!

Android   (View Game)
   Alex L
Set in the distant future, this whodunit game allows you to play one of 5 detectives trying to solve a brutal murder. Very involved (may take longer than the time allotted) and very detailed (lots of bits and counters). No dice involved, play is directed by card play. Every detective has their own plots and opponent hinder other detectives by negatively affecting the resolution of the plots of other players. There is also a conspiracy behind the murder. You earn VP (victory points) by a) solving the murder b) unraveling the conspiracy and c) having your plots resolve happily. The one who has the most victory points wins! Great game, I think.

Guillotine   (View Game)
   Alex L
Great game. Simple and easy to learn and most of all, no bloodshed is even portrayed in this seemingly gruesome game. Everyone in the line to the chopping block has a value point. You get the one in front of the line during your turn. You get to draw a card, play one (if you want) and then collect. When all the people are gone, that's the end of the day. After 3 days, whoever has the highest point total wins. Love this game!

Poison (Reiner Knizia's Poison)   (View Game)
   Alex L
3 Cauldrons, potions of varied colours with numbers. You drop the same coloured potions into the cauldrons and you take them when you get to score 13 or more. The Catch: you want to get the least amount of points possible per colour potion. You can discard all the potions of one colour if you have the most potions of that colour. Catch 2: You have poison potions that you can drop into any cauldron. Even if you have the most of them, you cannot discard them. There are 3 rounds. Whoever scores the least wins! Easy game to learn. Can be taught to anyone who can do simple math. Lasts about 30-45 mins depending on the number of players. Played this game at family gatherings and on holidays. Perfect for interim periods before something else has to happen.

Fury Of Dracula Board Game   (View Game)
   Alex L
Great partially co-op game. One plays the most famous vampire in the world. Up to 4 other players play vampire hunters trying to defeat Dracula at the turn of the 20th century. Dracula travels Europe in secret, leaving a trail of blood in his wake, the hunters eager to find and defeat him before he reaches his objectives. Great for anyone familiar with Scotland Yard (think Count D as Mr. X), Can be played as a 2 player game with the 2nd player playing all 4 hunters. As they say, more players are better though.

Ticket To Ride - Europe   (View Game)
   Alex L
This game rocks. Easy to learn rules. Fun game. Most people can play this game. It's Ticket to Ride with a European flair and a couple of additional rules for a twist to the original. Try it out with the 1912 expansion. That just makes it more fun!

Pandemic - 2013 Edition   (View Game)
   Alex L
This co-op game rocks! You and your mates are trying to save the world before 4 diseases devastate the world. If you don't work together, you lose. If you run out of cards, you lose. My mates love this game!


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