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So You've Got an Idea for a Game? (4 Sept 2006)
This is a series of articles by Mike Petty.  Mike has worked with game designers through Protospiel since it began in 2001.  The series is filled with tips and information he has learned over the years from successful designers and from his own experiences in pursuit of publishing his games.

Making What's It To Ya? (4 Sept 2006)
In this article, Mike Petty relates his experience of creating and publishing his party game.  It begins with the conception of the game, but focuses mainly on the process of bringing the game from a rough prototype to a professional production without risking a fortune.

Making What's It To Ya?

The Protospiel Dream Panel (2 Jan 2006)
     What would Protospiel be like if we could get several professional game designers to come together at the same time and grant us a Q&A session? Well, it will likely be a few years before we're able to arrange that, but this past fall we tried the next best thing. We started by contacting several notable game designers and asked if they'd be willing to participate in a short interview for our website.
     Eight expert designers, each with their own skills and insights, agreed (with much enthusiasm, by the way) to help us out. With the input of several Protospiel attendees, we compiled a list of ten questions, each directly related to the process of game design, and we presented them to the designers.
     With the exception of one designer, each interview found below was conducted via email. We were very pleased that Dr. Knizia not only agreed to help us with this project, but he also granted us a phone interview which was conducted by Greg Daigle.
     Along with this list of eight interviews, we've also included one page made up of all the questions and all the answers that we received. While it doesn't quite achieve the flow of a face-to-face discussion panel, it does bring to light the different perspectives represented in this group of experts.
     We want to thank the all the designers for their time and their willingness to share their thoughts with us.

Full Panel (all interviews combined, organized by question)

Individual Interviews:
     James Ernest
     Bruno Faidutti
     Tom Jolly
     Reiner Knizia
     Alan Moon
     Michael Schacht
     Mike Selinker
     Martin Wallace

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