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Notes from Protospiel Seminars
50 Uses for Cards - Alex Yeager, 2006
The Joy of Components - Alex Yeager, 2007

Board Game Designers Forum
Board Game Design Forum - at Board Game Geek
Discover Games - portal for traditional game publishing resources
PowWow Yahoo Group - game designer gathering in Charlottesville, VA
Protospiel Yahoo Group - general Protospiel discussion
SpieleAutorenZunft - Game Designer Association

Design Anecdotes
Championship Stockcar Racing Card Game - Mike Garton
Citadels - Bruno Faidutti
Head to Head Golf - Larry Levy
Illuminati - Steve Jackson
Spree - James Ernest
Torres - Wolfgang Kramer
Who Stole Ed's Pants - Jim Doherty, Eight Foot Llama

icv2 Distributor List - list of game distributors including contact info

Industry Insight
Advice to Aspiring Game Designers - edited by Tom Vasel
Submitting Games - tips on submitting your game design to an existing publisher
The German Game Market - by Wolfgang Kramer
What Those Credits Mean - by Greg Costikyan
Why Games Cost What They Do - by Greg Costikyan

Protospiel Alumni
Games by Protospeil Geeks - a GeekList at BoardGameGeek.com
Black and White Games - Mike Petty
Glastyn Games - James Kyle
Kory Heath - Kory Heath
MetaMemes - Kes Sampanthar
North Star Games - Dominic Crapuchettes
SDR Games - Don Beyer
Toccata Games - Ken Stevens

Prototyping Equipment
Accu-Cut Die Cutters - roller cutter with many available dies
Dick Blick's Photo Supply - silkscreening supplies and kits
Ellison - flat-press rule cutter with many dies available
Lamination Station - variety of brands and sizes of hot laminators and supplies
Marvel Photo - stock and custom photo die-cutters
PB Plastics - Xyron cold laminators and supplies

Prototyping Materials
American Science and Surplus - many kinds of bits, boxes, and materials
Bear Woods - wood components
Benny's Woodworks - wood components
Brown Wood Products Co. - wood components
Casey's Wood Products - wood components
eBottles - metal tins
H. Arnold Wood Turning, Inc. - wood components
Lara's Crafts - wood components
Oriental Trading Company - dobbers, tokens, stickers, playing cards
US Toy Company - dobbers, tokens, and playing cards
Wood & Shop, Inc. - wood components
Woodworks - wood components

Prototyping Tips
Groovy Prototypes - by Frank Branham
Hints From Hell, Louise 1 - by Ray Smith
Hints From Hell, Louise 2 - by Ray Smith
Making a Game Board - describes the process of building a folding board
Making Your Own Counters - describes the process of printing, mounting, and cutting game chits

Publisher Submissions Guidelines (scrolling often required)
Atlas Games
Hans im Glueck (in German)
Kenzer & Company
Out of the Box Publishing
Steve Jackson Games
Wingnut Games
Wizards of the Coast


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