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Munchkin   (View Game)

All my friends seem to love it, and think the game is hilarious....I wouldn't walk away if someone pulled it out.

Munchkin   (View Game)
Zanny, backstabby, hilarious. It sure is a lot of fun. The cards are always hilarious to read, and there's always something happening in the game. With the right group, this game is golden.

Munchkin   (View Game)
Fun game, hilarious cards. You never know what to expect.

Munchkin   (View Game)
A simple, easy and very very fun card/strategy game that takes many humerous stabs at rpg games! The original totally awesome Munchkin game!

Munchkin   (View Game)
Munchkin is an RPG/dungeon-crawl game distilled into a cardgame - much like Cutthroat Caverns (another favourite of mine). Munchkin, however, is more straightforward, since there is no pretending to work together and everyone clearly looks out for himself. It is the perfect game to play with ex-roleplaying gamers or any other group of friends over a couple of beers.

Munchkin   (View Game)
This is a great way to scratch the RPG itch without the time investment. The game is silly and highly luck dependent, but also memorable and very very fun - provided you can play it with a group that understands the jokes of the RPG setting.

Munchkin   (View Game)
   Mark P
A whole lot of fun to play with GOOD friends! I emphasize "good" because there's a lot of backstabbing involved and you MAY damage relationships with this game. However, as long as you're all just playing this game to have fun, it's guaranteed you'll have a blast.

Munchkin   (View Game)
   Stephen B
This game is a lightweight RPG. Wrapped in a funny quick card game. This game has a ton of fun aspects. You are trying to reach level 10 while defeating monsters and your friends.

Munchkin   (View Game)
   Ryan Strong
If you're playing with the right people, Munchkin is the most fun you'll have on game night. The game itself is a light RPG played with cards. What makes it so interesting is its attitude. Players are encouraged (even in the rules) to swindle, betray, and trick each-other in an effort to come out on top. The cards themselves are hilarious, with over-the-top monsters, traps, and equipment. The best part, as far as I'm concerned, is the variety of the expansions. There are well over a dozen available, and all are fully interchangeable, so you could, if you were so inclined, have a game of Munchkin with super heroes, aliens, cowboys, and Cthulhu. Great fun to be had here, and a great bargain.

Munchkin   (View Game)
I played this game with a friend and his family. They weren't big RPGers, but we all had a great time backstabbing and leveling. It's simple enough for most anyone to play, but complex enough to be fun for hardcore RPGers.

Munchkin   (View Game)
Wow, I went to a friend's to play D&D and a guy had this and we played a game. It was simple, fun and VERY entertaining. Anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering or any old-school video game RPG should play this!!


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