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Samurai   (View Game)
   Jim Carvin - Berks Boardgamers

I'm glad to see this is back in print. This is an excellent game from Knizia that's very simple to learn and teach. The scoring at the end is unusual but not complicated, classic Knizia. It's takes about the same amount of time to play with four players as it does with two. Excellent game which I highly recommend!

Mamma Mia!   (View Game)
   jcarvin - Berks Boardgamers
A light and fun memory game that is often requested on game night. Add ingredients to the discard to make a pizza and then get it into the oven before someone else does, using your ingredients! The first to finish making all of their pizzas is the winner. Goods for kids and adults.

Royal Turf   (View Game)
   Jim Carvin - Berks Boardgamers
This is an excellent light board game that involves a bit of bluffing. Race horses, make bets, and help your horses win without tipping off to the other players who you've bet on! This is a great filler that always draws a crowd. An excellent addition to the Alea small box line.

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers   (View Game)
   Jim Carvin - Berks Boardgamers
Continuing the great legacy of Carcassonne and taking it one step further. It has an excellent theme and the basic mechanics of the original game but adds a bit more strategy and less confusing scoring at the end of the game(by replacing the farmers). I highly recommend this if you liked the original, it's Wrede's best game to date.

Bang! 4th Edition   (View Game)
   jcarvin - Berks Boardgamers
Bang! is always a hit on game night, and we usually play a few times! The game itself is easy to play, easy to understand, and tons of fun. The fact that it's cheap is just a bonus! This was my gift of choice to give during Christmas 2003.

Industria (German Edition) *ND   (View Game)
   jcarvin - Berks Boardgamers
When this game hit Essen in 2003, it was highly regarded, but that seemingly did not translate into recognition here in America so far. Most people I've introduced it to have never even heard of it, but I think that needs to change! This is an excellent auction game, in line with Ra and Traumfabrik. The game is 90% auction and 10% building what you've bought. If you enjoy auction games as much as I do, then you'll definitely like this game. The name of the game is connections(not literally!). You purchase and then build different technologies, industries, and resources from era to era(you play through 5 eras). Those technology, industry, and resource tiles all have varying connections to one another, the right ones will give your extra points at the games end. Building those industries, etc... may get you some points during the game, but it's the connections at the end that can win the game for you. Getting the right tiles during the auctions is very tough on the tight budget you have in Industria. You receive only 1-2 gold between rounds, there are 15 or 20 rounds(15 for 3 players, 20 for 4). Your main source of cash will come from being the auctioneer, as players alternate auctioning tiles and any profit from a sold tile goes directly to the auctioneer. The auctioneer can also choose to not sell a tile but keep it for themselves at no cost. There's a catch though, you make no money and the auctioneer tile also moves on to the next person. Once the auction phase of a round is complete, it's time to build what you purchased. Once you've done this through all 5 eras, victory points are tallied with the highest score winning(of course). I personally love this game and have been introducing it to people at every game session I attend. I highly recommend Industria, it will be a solid addition to your game collection.


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