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Fabrik der Traume   (View Game)

Fabrik Der Traume is another great bidding game by Reiner Knizia. It’s easy to learn and plays in under an hour. Each player is bidding on the pieces needed to complete their films, such as, Directors, Special Effects, Cameras, Music and Actors/Actress. For bidding, ‘contracts’ are used. There are a fixed amount of contracts in the game, so after the winner bid, those contracts are evenly divided among the other players. So you need to plan out your buys, for it may take a while to get back your contracts. Each completed movie is worth points, which is based on the pieces collected for the film. Awards give you more points and are given out after each quarter and also at the end of the year. The player with the most points in the end is Hollywood’s newest super Producer. There’s plenty of enjoyment that this game offers and is worth having and getting into play.

Carolus Magnus   (View Game)
This is probably Colovini’s best design. It’s an interesting political/abstract game that’s easy to learn and plays extremely fast. It has very nice components with a medieval theme of building castles for the Emperor, Charlemagne. There are 15 territories in which you are trying to get control of through the 5 clans of paladins, represented by the 5 different colors. You use color-coded dice to randomly get the paladins into your reserve. From there you can move them into your court, to gain control of Charlemagne’s court or into a territory for a possible take-over and build a castle. Your goal is to get all your castles into the territories before your opponents. Nothing is guaranteed, and you can easily loose control of the courts and territories. There’s a turn order process that you need to manage to best gain an advantage in the courts and over the territories. The more I play Colovini’s games, the more I like them, especially, Carolus Magnus!

Settlers of Catan Board Game ; Seafarers of Catan (Third Edition) *ND   (View Game)
A ‘Settlers of Catan’ expansion is an enjoyable game that’s fun for all ages, and is very easy to learn and play. It’s a great introductory game for non-gamers, and will keep them interested, turn after turn. It was a terrific hit for my family and their friends. If you’re not familiar with ‘Settlers of Catan’, then you need to find out what’s been going on in the gaming community, so get a copy and see what you’ve been missing. I prefer playing this expansion with its added dimensions of shipping lanes, islands and the extra playing pieces of ships and pirates. With very nice components and a game that will be well received by everyone, is definitely worth having.

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers   (View Game)
A Carcassonne variant that’s fun for all ages and is easy to learn. The game plays fast and is very enjoyable. I really like the prehistoric theme along with the added huts for scoring. I’ve found many non-gamers to like the simple tile-lying mechanics and scoring. If you’re not familiar with Carcassonne, then you need to get a copy and find out what you’re missing. This game has very nice components and is well worth its cost.

Lowenherz   (View Game)
Lowenhertz/Domaine are very similar and fun playing games with an enjoyable medieval theme that’s easy to learn. The main difference between the two games are you bid for the action you want in Lowenhertz, as in Domaine, you pay for the action that’s available to you. After getting or selecting your action, it’s just about the same game. Players on their turn, will either collect gold, build walls, expand their kingdoms or place knights. With plenty of components and enough options to keep it fresh, this game is worth getting on your shelf and into play.

Domaine   (View Game)
Domaine/Lowenhertz are very similar and fun playing games with an enjoyable medieval theme that’s easy to learn. The main difference between the two games are you bid for the action you want in Lowenhertz, as in Domaine, you pay for the action that’s available to you. After getting or selecting your action, it’s just about the same game. Players on their turn, will either collect gold, build walls, expand their kingdoms or place knights. With plenty of components and enough options to keep it fresh, this game is worth getting on your shelf and into play.

Attika   (View Game)
Attika is a good and well-balanced game that’s simple to play and easy to learn. There’s some down time between turns, as your opponent(s) move may (and most probably will) disrupt your progress. Keeping track of your buildings placement (grouping them for a bonus turn) can be a little bit of a hassle, so we use plastic chips for easier playability. There are two ways to win, your opponent will have to be asleep for the first, so really, there’s only one possibility and that’s placing all 30 buildings on the playing board. The game is fun and plays fast, under an hour, so the down time is not too bad. The game has good components and is well worth the investment.

King's Gate   (View Game)
Another Knizia classic, a multi-player tile-laying game, that’s fun, easy to learn and plays fast. Knizia has a way of creating games that both gamers and non-gamers will like. There’s a little luck and some strategies (tactics), so you can’t take it too serious, just enjoy yourself. If you like fast playing games with a little challenge, you will have to get this one. It’s well worth the investment, to get on your self, ready for your guests and friends!

Babel   (View Game)
A great 2-player card game, that has an interesting theme of temple building. With 5 different tribes and each having a unique ability (skill), it gives you enough options to keep it very interesting. Like any card game, there’s some luck in the cards you pick-up. There are plenty of decisions and tactics you can use, which balances play quite well. I’ve enjoyed this game every time its been pulled out and so has my opponents, including my wife. If you like two player card games, then I would recommend this game, you won’t be disappointed!

High Society   (View Game)
An excellent multi-player-bidding card game, a Knizia classic. It’s very easy to learn and will be well received by everyone, both gamers and non-gamers alike. If you enjoy a laugh when you’re playing games, you will have to check this one out. It’s well worth the investment, so I definitely recommend this game to anyone! You won’t be disappointed!

Waterworks   (View Game)
A fun card game, that’s easy to learn and quick to play, with an interesting theme ‘plumbing’ (connecting pipes together, from the faucet to a spout). While you connect your pipes together, your opponents are trying to cause your pipes to leak. It’s always funny when you make your opponents pipes leak and not so funny when your own pipes are made to leak, yet its all in fun. This game is well worth the investment to get on your shelf and pull out when family members or unexpected guest stop over!

Lost Cities card game   (View Game)
An excellent 2-player card game that’s easy to learn and quick to play. This is a great introduction game for non-gamers, and good filler game for those die-heart gamers. Every time I pulled this game out, it’s been a hit. Everyone wants to play it again. I would definitely recommend this game!

Clans   (View Game)
This is an interesting abstract game, with very nice components and plays extremely fast (less than 30 minutes). The three different ways to score and the mystery of not knowing your opponents, makes this a unique game. Trying to figure out the color of other players and make your best play is somewhat difficult, yet I’m sure there’s more to this game than I’m seeing.

Vinci   (View Game)
Vinci is an excellent civilization-style game. Its kind of like Avalon Hill’s Civilization and History of the World, yet plays much faster and is a lot easier to learn. On each turn, you will decide to either expand or decline your current empire. When you put an empire in decline, you then get to choose your next empire and its two traits. This is where the game has an interesting system for selecting this new empire. It gives each player the freedom to choose which two available traits they want while balancing the cost and benefit one might receive by selecting an empire with lesser traits. At the end of each turn you count your points, much like HotW. The person that reaches and/or passes the victory points selected wins the game, only after every person has taken the same amount of turns. This game and its components is well worth the investment!

Puerto Rico   (View Game)
Puerto Rico is an excellent game, easy to learn easy to teach, plays fast and is a lot of fun. It’s a very interesting game system where all players are always doing an action. There’s no down time like other games, you know, waiting on other players to take their turn, come on come on. Don’t let the number of pieces to this game intimidate you as it did me when it first came out. It’s much easier than it looks and is one of the best games I own. Every person I’ve played this game with so far has said they had fun and really liked it and are willing to play again. This is a game where you will be very hard pressed in finding people that will not like it! It’s well worth the investment to get this great game on your shelf and in play!

Funkenschlag   (View Game)
Funkenschlag is my favorite game by Friedemann Friese and its also one of the best games overall on my shelf. The playing board is small, yet you can take care of it by going to your nearest printing shop, have the board enlarged and laminated. Get dry erase markers too, throw away the crayons! The rest of the game components are nice wooden pieces and playing cards. This is a great auction and resource market game. There are two markets for purchasing factories, current and future. So when the auction begins on the current market you decide what’s your top price or wait for a possible future market factory to become available. There are several types of factories too Coal, Oil, Garbage, Nuclear Power, Ecological and Fusion. Each factory can produce electricity for an X amount of cities at the cost of X amount of resources. After the factory auction phase, you need to get the resources to power your factories. This is always interesting as the price of resources goes up when that particular resource is purchased. Next you need to build power lines to the available cities on the playing board. There are water and mountain areas that cost more to build through and money is always tight, so build quickly before your opponent makes you pay for it. Of course then comes the Bureaucracy phase where you get money for every city you can power, those resources are used up and returned to the resource market. The rules are relatively simple and short, yet there is lots to think about on each turn. This game is a favorite with my son’s college friends.

Medici   (View Game)
Medici is an excellent auction/bidding game. Each player represents a buyer for different merchant houses, and on your turn you will decide the number of lots to be sold (up to 3). Each player in turn order will get one opportunity to bid on the lot(s). Once a player has won the auction, that player would pay for those goods and place the merchandise on their ships. The ships have a limit of 5 lots available and after each winning auction, the winning lot(s) would then fill the empty lot spaces on your ship. As your ship gets loaded, the number of available lot spaces will decrease. No player can bid on any lots that would exceed their ship’s current capacity. At the end of the day, buyers would then get paid for their efforts. You can either try to corner the market in one or two commodities or try to buy only the most expensive goods. After three days, the player with the most money wins. This game is easy to learn, a lot of fun, plays fast and has enough strategy options to keep it fresh. If you like Bidding/Auction games, this is a must have!

Amun Re   (View Game)
Amun Re is my favorite game by Reiner Knizia. The game play is very simple and easy to learn yet there’s plenty to think about each turn. With an ancient Egyptian theme along the Nile River, players bid for providence’s to develop which are unique and offers a variety of different options. Farmers get you income, Power Cards give you special abilities/advantages, while the Temples and Pyramids get you the needed points to beat your opponents. There’s plenty more that this game offers and is well worth the investment.


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