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Customer Raves
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Puerto Rico   (View Game)
   Corey Nick

If you are even SORT of a board-gamer, and you like Catan and other big titles in the board game industry than you have to get Puerto Rico! I've played many boardgames and have been for awhile now, but Puerto Rico, the 1st game I played of it, became my absolute favorite. It's a wonderful game!

Bang! The Bullet   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
A SUPER fun card game that is easy to learn quick and has alot of replay, especially if you buy the BULLET. which comes with all of the expansions and even a few bonus cards. With so many items/characters and events you can expect alot more play out of BANG than most card games. I think i might even like it a bit more than munchkin!

Ticket To Ride - Europe   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
Extremelty fun and addictive this game is only slightly more complex than the American version but more fun and strategic because of it, if you liked the American one this one i assure you is even better!

Small World: Grand Dames   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
An interesting expansion with some powerful and fun new races/powers. Some of these were actually created by Small World fans which i feel makes it even more fun and silly!

Small World: Cursed!   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
Another fun and playful expansion to Small World that includes new races and powers. These can be especially fun and the "Cursed" race can really be a pain in games, but it's all about strategy!

Small World: Be Not Afraid... Expansion   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
This new expansion features some interesting and very fun new races, your sure to enjoy it in your Small World games!

Small World: Tales & Legends   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
A great and easy expansion for your Small World game! Current events are nasty or beneficial things happening now and upcoming events allow you to plan ahead for whatever crazy thing is about to happen next. It also features an "auction" feature for some events and blank cards to make your own! Certaintly worth it!

Small World Underground   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
THIS IS NOT AN EXPANSION! Although, for it's price, it could almost be! It's a stand-alone different "version" of small world with the same mechanics and feel but all new races, board elements and special abilites to get you hooked all over again.

Small World Board Game   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
A very fun and exciting game similiar to Risk but with more playability and overall wackiness. It's a good game that uses strategy, randomness and humor to produce a fine game!

Lord of the Rings Risk - Trilogy Edition   (View Game)
   Corey Nick
This has GOT to be one of the most intriguing games of Risk i've ever played. It is certaintly the BIGGEST Risk i've ever played! The board and pieces are aplenty so for everything your getting, this game is a pretty good value. As for the actual gameplay, it can take much much longer than regular Risk, but there are rules to keep pace moving, keep the game interesting, and bring it to a close in case it is taking far too long. It's a great game and if you like Risk, which im sure you do if you're looking at LOTR Risk, then you'll love it!


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