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Dividends   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -

It's glad to see this Singapore designed game made it to fairplay. I've played it during the initial proto-type and found it a really fun approach to the stock maket game. This game is unique in a way that it accomodates up to 12 players !!

Ostrakon   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
This is a pretty good party game, most of the time you will be scratching your head to come out with the most philosophical questions, just so that you can predict the outcome. However, do beware that the game rules are a bit complicated to understand, so it's better to have someone to teach the game. Go through it once or twice, and you'll be happy to participate in this party fun.

Modern Art   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
Wanted to play this game for a long time but due to its out-of-print status, have not got a chance. It's a really good thing that it gets reprinted. This is a wonderful bidding game, with all possible sorts of bidding that you can imagine. The more you play, the more cut throat the price will be. Highly recommended.

Saint Petersburg   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
Wow!!! I must say that this is a wonderful game that grows slowly into you. Honestly, the box art is a bit plain but once you get into the game, it is another thing. This is a game with lots of strategy and yet simple in execution of rules. Plays very well with 2 or 4 players.

San Juan   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
I really love this game. Compared it to the bigger cousin, Puerto Rico, it has the advantage of zero setup time. Game play is simple but to win the game, you need to make sure you have the right buildings that can help you. At this stage, I like the Library a lot but after playing more games, it is likely to change my strategy. It's now the hottest game played in the cafe.

Bean Trader   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
One thing that Bohnanza player immediately recognize is the artwork employed; The beans are as cute as before. For the gameplay, you travel from one city to another to buy beans and fulfill orders. I am expecting a lot of trading as per the card game, unfortunately, that is not the case. Chances are other players do not trade with you so you can fulfill order.

Bohnanza   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
This is one of the earliest game I was introduced to when I started my boardgame hobby. I revisited it recently and still have great fun with it. The trading coupled with the card sequence aspect of the game is one of the best that I was not able to find in many other games.

Ivanhoe (reprint 2007)   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
This game is actually very addictive once you get into it. High tension builds up progressively and will reach a climax when more than one player is one chip away from victory. You can start to see players taking side with each other, giving ideas for support and screw-the-king with the right group. I really have great fun with it.

Heave Ho!   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing -
I tried this out finally and it's really a light weight, fun game that appeals to non-gamers too. I really have a good laugh and some cunning-expressions exchange with my non-gamer friends while playing this. I only wish it can be played with more players but it will be a big conflict against the theme. Highly recommended as a entry level game.

Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
A superb Dungeon crawling game. It plays in about an hour and you can really have a good RPG feel in it. I like the exploration aspect of the game and prefer it over a pre-built dungeon.

Oasis   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Quite an easy game to explain to first-timers and the game flow is really smooth. The only thing that is slightly out of control is the flipping over of cards for offering, however, the result can be compensated for by the right pick and good tactical placement of your areas. Games can finish in about an hour, which is good for a medium weight game.

ZooSim - English Edition (O Zoo le Mio)   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Nice tile laying game with auction. You really need to read the stars and features on the tile and try to mentally arrange it to see how it fits before placing your bid for the tile. Many times we have made mistakes on getting a tile with 2 benefits but then realize that we can get only 1 part of it due to the arrangement.

Tongiaki   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This is quite a fun game with a fair bit of luck elements. As such, it is quite a good candidate to introduce to kids as well. The kids especially like the idea of sinking other's ships and claim island as their royal island, "It's mine, my island" :-)

Mage Knight Dungeons Pyramid Starter Set   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
I think dungeon is the better game in the MageKnight products from WizKids. First of all, you save the trouble of disbutes with the measurements. Secondly, the hero pieces are more easily available and you can mix and match them. With the 3D dungeon or the dungeon construction set, you get to build your dream dungeon and then explore. There's even a solitaire rule so you can play the game yourself on days when you just can't get the group together.

Zombies!!! (Widescreen Edition)   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
A really fun game, especially when you just want brainless kills :-) It's always fun to look at that ever-increasing mass of zombies comming at you while you hold onto some secret weapons (cards) in your hand. These isn't really much strategy involved, but hey, it makes my day for killing that 13th zombie.

Domaine   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This game is a looker -- with high quality components, colorfull pieces, impressive layouts. It's not really that hard to learn the game, but to master it is another thing. Beware, you must always monitor your opponents' moves and placement instead of just concentrating on your own domaine.

Lost Cities card game   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Just got to play it recently and I must say I missed a lot for not playing it for the last 2 years. Rules are really simple and the play is intense. It is challenging enough for gamers and fun enough to introduce it to non-gamers.

Amun Re   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This game is really enjoyable, with well defined phases; Though it takes a bit of getting used to initially. Once you go through the first empire, everything flows well. Tension is built up during the bidding phase, trying to out guess others in terms of getting the best bargained province. Mutiple victory strategies, varied strategies due to the random priovinces (for less than 5 players) increase the replayability value for the game.

Age of Mythology   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Nice components, detailed miniatures and a good game play mechanic which happens to work much like Puerto Rico. However, don't play it with Puerto Rico in mind, this is a different game.

6 Nimmt   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
A game that executes really fast as you only have 10 turns to place your cards. It's really a game of risk taking, calculated moves with a bit of "luck should be on my side". Good for fun and a social game as it allows up to 10 players :-). It has a compact package so you can "just bring it along" to that friend and family gathering.

Management Material - Information Technology   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This is actually a re-hash of the General Office edition with new graphics and jokes based on Information Technology theme. It plays exactly the same as the previous edition, so if you're into Information Technology (just as I am), get this. Otherwise, choose either one of the editions and it should be fine. This is especially good for more than 5 players where you can combine the 2 editions together for a truly fun game.

Orcz   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Sometimes it is fun to play the bad guys and this game gives you the chance. I found the fun to be in deploying, where you try to out guess your opponents with limited revealed information. Unfortunately, the part about revealing your hidden army, executing the results, is not as climaxing as it seems to be. Nevertheless, a fun and short game for a change. Oh, you can easily teach the kids to play it too :-)

Settlers of Catan Card Game   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Retains the essence of Settlers of Catan, but executed in a card format. Good for 2 players but do beware that the game time is long, which is good and bad for some. Only problem is that you might be throwing a lot of dice waiting for the right resource as trading, unfortunately, does not happen that much in the game as what resources you own are clearly visible.

Dragon Delta   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This game might look difficult with the big box and the accessories but it's actually a simple and fun game. We've even played (and lost) with kids. A great "I think you think I think" game with cards, where sometimes a straight forward move by the kids breaks your move. Highly entertaining for family and I will always play it when requested.

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Like this game a lot and always try to sneak it in whenever I have a gaming session. We have lots of fun everytime we play it though I still haven't really won many of the games. I like prehistoric theme and so I prefer this over Carcassonne that started it all.

Acquire   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
It's a game with simple rules that can be taught in 5 minutes. Game play and strategy, well, that's another matter. To win the game, you need to play the tile cleverly while making the best investment decisions to ensure you have constant cash flow.

Fluxx (v4.0)   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Playing with the rules is the name of the game. This card game plays really fast and fun. You build on the rules and try to tweak it to your advantage by redefining the goal. It's dynamic. In fact, it's so dynamic that it can turn very chaotic with more players, which makes the fun factor.

Guillotine   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Another instant hit for new gamers whenever this is put up on the game table. Though it is wordy on some of the action cards, especially for new gamers, they will pick it up soon after a first game and yell for "Another Game !!". Certainly fun and you need some luck to win the game.

Puerto Rico   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
Have been playing with this game for not less than 30 times, still find it refreshing every time I play with it. Lots of decisions to make but beware of the after effect--I have introduced this game to lots of other people and most of them seem to love it.

Management Material - General Office   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This game plays fast and is a delight for anybody working in an enclosed cubicle office. The jokes on the cards really tie in well with some life encounters we've had being one of the office workers. Highly recommended if you just want a laugh at that short lunch break or filler in between more serious games.

You're Bluffing   (View Game)
   Lee Kok Khing
This is an instant hit when I first played it with my group. Auction, shout and feel you've been cheated for a trade. Game mechanic is pretty well executed, basically you have the option to Auction or do cattle trade once you own some animal. The trade is where the bluffing element is, try it and you'll know....


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