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King of Tokyo   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen

This game is great fun. I've played it a dozen times and I still suggest it everytime we need a filler. Simple, fun, good production, dice rolling, mosters, and cards. Easy to play, hard to stop! It's all about fun with this one.

Chaos in the Old World   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
An incredible game. Straightforward yet elegant gameplay offers strong replayability. Immersive theme and great production. The gore factor can be a bit offputting, but once into the game, it all works together perfectly.

Castle Keep   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Fun game, High production quality. I'm a fan of GameWright as a publisher. There are slightly more advanced variants I have not tried.

Ingenious (red box)   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Started with a free app for this game, then rec'd the beautiful Fantasy Flight red box version for my bday. Great puzzle game, highly replayable, tons of family fun.

Dice Town   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
This is a fantastic family game. It allows for great strategy and replayability while still being simple enough for my 8-year-old to enjoy. The components are great, the theme is great, the game is great. Highly recommended.

Star Trek Fleet Captains   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
This game gives each player a lot to do. It rewards them with an occasional easy victory point, but I found myself determined to accomplish my hardest mission just because of how fun and thematic it was! At the end of the game, I wanted to see more cards, location tiles, ships in action, and missions. I wanted to immediately play again! If you have the chance, give this game a try. Go boldly to the table and explore strange new life and new civilizations!

Quarto!   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Fun game, quality production. Wooden board and pieces provide clean and sturdy design. It's very quick and one that the kids love.

Cosmic Encounter   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
I have played this game the longest of any I've played. A friend had his childhood copy of the Eon (1977) version and we played it constantly. FF's newest reprint is excellent. Keeps the spirit of the orginal, loses the cons from the versions in between. Let the chaos of the alien powers work its magic!

Le Havre (1st edition)   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
I like to joke that this game is just like Monopoly, you earn money by building and owning, most money wins. Now take Monopoly, remove the dice, add three more boards, 100 more properties, and a shipping line and you're close to Le Havre. What a great game!

Innovation   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
This is a fascinating game. I haven't played anything like it. As I was learning it, I thought, "this is odd" but then spent the next two days thinking about it. Can't wait to learn the expansion cards.

Hive   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
It's the tactile sensation from the folks at Gen42. Very good game, superb pieces. My lack of skill at it and the fact that the bugs could really be anything don't stop this from being an awesome game. Bugs, hexes, and chess, oh my!

Lost Cities card game   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
This game is a blast. The gameplay is elegant and the art is wonderful. Terrific two-player game. My wife loves it, my daughter loves it. Therefore, I love it. Cheers to R. Knizia for this triumph.

Lords of Waterdeep Board Game   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
I knew the components and tray were amazing, but now that I've played it, this game delivers. Lots of fun, lots of choices, and you really don't know who is winning until the very end. The game really picks up in the later rounds, offering tension and suspense. It's just an all-around great game.

Wooly Bully   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
When my wife wants to play twice in a row, and gets angry when she loses, the game is a success in my family. Very attractive and fun game. If you have ever enjoyed Carcassonne, you'll enjoy this game too. It's just different enough to make it interesting, but similar enough to play almost immediately with little rules review.

Tsuro   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Stunning production! The nicest looking game I own by far. They even bothered with a beautifully detailed, semi-transparent, "title sheet" on parchment-like paper placed on top of the board when boxed. Elegant gameplay and beautiful to look at. Simple enough for the family. Tons of positives with this game.

Tiki Topple   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Can components make a game? Probably not. But this game comes close. Sliding those tikis sure distracts you from the game. Love it. Fast, fun gameplay. A quick game that is great with the family.

Stone Age   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
I'm a sucker for components, what can I say? I'm not apologizing. Aside from the great production, this is a solid game. I enjoy worker placement games, and this one is a blast. Nice theme, great components, smooth gameplay. Very good.

Alien Frontiers (2nd Printing)   (View Game)
   Mat Thomsen
Really liking this game. I love the retro feel and art of the game. I think this is solid.


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