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Ticket to Ride: Alvin & Dexter Monster Expansion   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison

Thought this would spice up Ticket to Ride...Kids like it, Wife found it frustrating. I enjoyed it as a variant, but enjoy Ticket to Ride more w/out it.

Ticket to Ride   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
Third favorite family game as of 2013! I actually enjoy this more than Settlers/Catan but the rest of the family prefers Settlers. Game play is simple and length of play 45 mins - 1 hour is good for this game, though I may create a shorter house version for my wife who enjoys games more if they're under a 1/2 hour. Looking forward to getting the Nordic edition.

Settlers of Catan Board Game   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
Second favorite family game. Bought this 3 years ago, my daughter was 7 and son 11. My daughter beat me and her brother nearly every game for 2 years. A great gateway game for non-gamers. Certainly hooked me into boardgames as a hobby.

Survive: Escape From Atlantis *ND   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
Bought this for my daughter. Beautiful components and easy to play.

Felix: The Cat In The Sack   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
This is a family favorite. Bought this for my daughter 2 years ago when she turned 8 and we have played this more than any other game in the house. Even my wife who doesn't care much for games enjoys this one. Whenever it is pulled off the shelf the whole family is certain to play it over and over for a couple hours.

World War Iv: One World, One King   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
The theme of this game is simple. WWIII wiped out civilization and now 5 nations have rebuilt themselves out of the rubble. You play a king of one of the nations trying to unite the world. Interesting game mechanics, hundreds of nice miniatures and an entertaining background story make this my top game of the year. Only drawback is finding people willing to invest 4+ hours to play the game.

Dante's Inferno   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
Dante's Inferno has an interesting concept (fight your way to the 9th level of Hell and battle Lucifer) and nice components. The game lacks strategic playability though and ends up resembling a goth intellectual's Candyland,

Bombay   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
What a great game! A gorgeous boardgame, art design, board and elephant & palace miniatures. Also has a fantastic box insert storage bin for all the tokens, elephants and palace pieces.The rules booklet could be written a little more clearly though once I wrapped my head around it the game play was smooth and easy. It's not that the rules are difficult, just a number of little item specific rules. Kids and I had a lot of fun with Bombay last night and they're look forward to playing it again tonight. Great game! Nitpicker: What wass the point of making the 2 hills areas cost two action points to cross? It just creates 2 board areas everybody avoids for the entire game w/out adding any strategic significance.

Alhambra - English Edition   (View Game)
   Victor Garrison
Once the game arrived my 7yr old daughter and I couldn't wait for the rest of the family to play it. Since she's a BIG Settlers of Catan fan I thought this was a perfect match. Easy game play and attractive tiles made the game fun and enjoyable immediately. A great game for 3 or more players.


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