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Protospiel 2006 

The 2006 event marked five years of Protospiel.  Several events made it the best event yet.  Most notably, it was the first year we were able to meet in a conference room right at the hotel where most attendees stayed.  This convenient arrangement made for many more hours of productive playtesting and it greatly added to the enthusiasm of participants.

Kevin Nunn, Greg Lam, Scott Starkey and Matt Forbeck (our Guest of Honor), all published designers, joined us for the first time this year.  

From the 2006 Event Program
We included the following two lists in the program this year.  Note that the second list is now lacking several titles due to the attendance of the designers mentioned above!

The Past Gatherings
  • July, 2001 – Stephen Glenn, Mike Petty, Dominic Crapuchettes, Greg Daigle and Terry Carr meet for the first Protospiel in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • July, 2002 – The event moves to East Lansing, Michigan.  James Kyle is the first Guest of Honor and he kicks off the tradition of providing seminars/workshops.  Will Neibling and others from Mayfair Games make a visit.  It’s decided Protospiel will be an annual event.
  • July, 2003 – Protospiel moves to the Union on the Michigan State Campus.  More designers attend and the list of seminars and workshops grows considerably. 
  • June 2004 –  Kory Heath is the Guest of Honor.  Attendees turn out more published games this year than any other to date.
  • June 2005 –  Dominic Crapuchettes is the Guest of Honor.  Four games playtested at the 2005 event are published or picked up by publishers before the 2006 event.
Games by Protospiel Attendees
(Titles marked with an asterisk below are games that were playtested at Protospiel events.)
  • 2003
    • Balloon Cup*, designed by Stephen Glenn, published by Kosmos
  • 2004
    • Why Did the Chicken…?*, designed by Kory Heath, published by Play Again Games
    • Cluzzle*, designed by Dominic Crapuchettes, published by North Star Games
    • What’s It To Ya?*, designed by Mike Petty, published by New World Games and selected by Games Magazine for their Games 100
    • Garden Competition* and The Patrons of Venice, designed and self-published by Ken Stevens (Toccata Games)
    • MetaMemes*, designed and self-published by Kesavan Sampanthar
  • 2005 
    • Wits & Wagers*, designed by Dominic Crapuchettes, published by North Star Games and a Mensa Select for 2006
    • Take Your Pick*, designed by Mike Petty, published by SimplyFun
    • You Must Be an Idiot, designed by Stephen Glenn, published by R&R Games
  • 2006
    • Port Dover*, designed and self-published by Jeph Stahl, a finalist for the 2006 Hippodice Game Design Competition
    • Gene Pool*, designed and self-published by Mark Goadrich
    • FNAP*, designed by Andrew Juell, published by Pin International/Out of the Box.


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