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Customer Raves
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Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen

I have played this many times - each with different people. I loved the game every time! All scenarios are based on real-time war events. it can be very strategic but good for war and/or action lovers. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Think Twice   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
Think Twice is a strategy game. A lot of things you really have to think twice on. There are multiple things that could happen - like when you role the dice and get a bad score. You have the opportunnity to keep the score, double the score, or triple it by the role of another die. However, you can also lose your score. It is a great game!

Flinch   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
The game Flinch is very much like Skip-Bo. The only difference is that you have to play a card in your pile if you can - and you have five play piles and five reserve piles! A good game if you are a card player.

Leapin Lily Pads   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
It's a great game for young kids as well as adults. its a fun game to play with your kids or in a group of people. it takes quite a bit of memory skills. You have to remember about two or three things. I've played it with my nephew nathan who is four. He llllooovvveeessss it. I give it an 8 out of 10.

Pitchcar   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
This is a great game for kids and adults alike. It's really easy to learn. I played it with my 4 year old nephew and he beat me a few times :) There's not much strategy, it's more of a dexterity game. You play it by flicking a round piece of wood (your car) around a track. You can make the track anyway you want or you can use the layouts they suggest in the game. I'd suggest this game to anyone that has a crowd of varying ages as all ages can compete equally.

Cluzzle   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
This was a great party game, a lot like charades and great for most ages. It takes some thought and depends on how well you can mold clay. I give it a 10 out of 10.

Flinch   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
If you like Scip-Bo, you will like this game.

Phase 10 Dice   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
It is a game of luck as you probibly already guessed, but it is fun. It's very much like the card version but after your turn is over, you don't get to keep any of the numbers you rolled. It can be very addicting.

War & Sheep   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
It was a light strategy game and very interesting. You have the apportunity to make a lot of different choices. it doesn't take very long to learn and lasts 10-20 minutes.

Warcraft Board Game   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
I played the Warcraft board game and it is a great game. I played it with four people. It does take some strategy but it is also an action game. It is very much like the computer game, but also very different. I give it a 10 out of 10--a great game.


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