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Customer Raves
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Memoir '44   (View Game)
   warrior - ummm

Great war strategy game!!!!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   A.J. Sansom
I have a friend who is open to playing some of my new, crazy games; he is a history nerd and this game was a major hit. It is great that this game is light enough to be able to explain to a non-gamer and still have fun and experiment with different tactical decisions. It can be frustrating to not be able to give any commands that you want, but as long as you accept and embrace the luck elements that represent the imperfect chain-of-command system in real war, you can have a great time!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Daniel Cepeda
This is a great game for anyone even remotely interested in WW2. Everyone I've introduced it to loves it, both online and off!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
This is a great light war-game that can be played by anyone. The components attract bystanders, and the clever card-driven action limits the options each turn to something very managable while still maintaining variety and choice.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Ken B.
I certainly wish all wargames were this accessible. Playable in under an hour, tons of great components, historical scenarios that approximate famous battles and offensives just enough to wet your appetite to read more on the depicted battles...well done.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
This is a scenario-based war game, that is very accessable and easy to learn and play. Best suited for casual gamers as there is quite some luck involved.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Stephen B
Easy and simple to learn wargame, with a lot of depth, lots of scenarios to go through. Only downside is there is a lot of set up time.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
Another Days of Wonder game with excellent components. This is the base game of a great system. If you are looking for an entry level game about war then you can't go wrong with this one. This game is card driven and uses dice to resolve combat. Great two player game.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Sean Hixenbaugh
Best WWII game out there! Easy to learn, fun to play, and it does not take long to play a scenario. With all of the additional expansions available this game will never get old or tired. Great introduction to wargaming!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Greg Hodur
Awesome game based on some of the great battles of WWII. Double sided hex game board for both beach landing and and mainland combat. each commander deploys troops and vehicles using Command and Tactics cards. very realistic, and requires some serious strategy. one of the best war games available! A favorite of my play group.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Chuck Staples
Great game for new wargamers. Card-based play mechanics are simple yet flexible. Rules are very solid. Good replay value. Colorful. Wonderful components.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
This game is fun to play and it's short!!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
Memoir '44 is fantastic. A simple, engaging, fast-playing wargame. Terrific variety - every game is different. Gaming doesn't get much better than this.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Josh Mc Queen
I have played this many times - each with different people. I loved the game every time! All scenarios are based on real-time war events. it can be very strategic but good for war and/or action lovers. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Terry Carr - Fair Play Games
WOW!!! A wargame that can be played in about an hour. It's suprisingly easy to learn and has a variety of scenarios. What a great way to learn about history - while playing a board game and having fun.

Memoir '44   (View Game)
   Chad Krizan - Madison Board Gamers
Wow! This is the most played game in my collection, and shows no signs of slowing down! Definitely will be including in my all-time favorites. Even though it appears to be a war game at first glance, M44 strikes an awesome balance between wargame and Eurogame. It also provides an interesting twist in that card play determines what order you command to your troops in any given turn. Furthermore, it's easy to learn! A complete battle can be played out in 45 minutes, including set-up, rule learning, and game play. The game is beautifully produced, as are all Days of Wonder games. The components are definitely worth the price tag; add the extreme fun value of this game and you have a game that I would even pay more for! Buy it now and see for yourself!!


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