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7 Wonders   (View Game)

Great game for a large group. Good for a filler and keeps everyone engaged with simultaneously action.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
A really great game to have in any collection- not very hard to explain to new people, very little down time (you a get a bit more at the beginning when people have to figure out what symbols mean etc), lots of meaningful decisions to make as each round of cards passes to you, accomodates larger groups, lots of replayability as there are multiple wonders to play with (plus expansions- Leaders is great! adds a lot of fun cards and options) and it plays quickly. Sets up easily and feels like you have accomplised something by the end. Highly recommended.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This is a Civilization building card game, while most civilization games take 2+ hours this one is light, plays 7 people, and can be finished in about 30mins. This is a game anyone can play, but yet has the strategy to fulfill that deep gamer need. A lot of interaction with your neighbors in this game too. A must have for any gaming collection.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
One of the best games I've played of the year! An extreme amount of strategy and planning compressed into 30 minutes....a must have!

7 Wonders   (View Game)
I can't say enough good things about this game. There's no game I've seen that packs more theme, tactics, and variability into 30 minutes. And it plays 7 players beautifully! I'm counting the days till the Cities expansion release.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This game is perfect, seriously. You have to buy it! It's got everything going for it. It's very fun It's simple, yet strategic It's very quick It's very quick to Setup and learn AND it has a rich, and well made theme. This is one of the few games i can see as perfect for everyone!

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   Damon Asher
This game is a great one to play with casual gamers who are looking for something more interesting than the standard fare. The card drafting here is very fun, and the game has just enough strategic options to give you some real choices without being overwhelming.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This game deserves its high BGG rank - it's great fun to play, not too slow yet rife with difficult decisions. Plays very well 3-7 players, though I think 5 is the sweet spot. Finally back in production!

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   Jon G
So far, this just hasn't clicked for me. It feels too random, especially since the guild cards usually depend on what others are doing, and what they're doing usually just depends on how the cards are dealt. I suppose it mainly shines as a filler game for 6-7 people

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   Danny - NYC Meetup
Okay, there's a learning curve here. For an experienced gamer, though, it's only about one game. After the first game I knew everything I had to know and started to work on trying different strategies. It was around that second play that I really fell in love with it. Gorgeous game that plays really, really well. I can't believe such an involved game can play seven people in 30 minutes, but it can. This is one of the best games of the year, no doubt. *Update* - 13 plays later and it's made my 10 list. Absolutely love it.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
I don't really classify 7 Wonders in with Dominion or RftG, as in the general description... if you like either of these games, you'll definitely like 7 Wonders, but the comparison ends there. This is a really fun, medium length card-based game. I wish it was 2+ players rather than 3+, but if you've played the game you'd know why that can't be. Definitely one of the best games to come out last year!

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This game has fast become a favorite at our house. I like the card drafting mechanism as it sometimes calls for some tough decisions - what do I want and what do I not want to give to my neighbor. I like being able to specialize in a type of building and the different ways to build on what you already have. There are different paths to victory so you can try out different tactics each time.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   A.J. Sansom
While this game may not be the deepest brain burner you'll ever play, the balance between how quickly you can explain it to a new player, the interesting choices you'll have to make with each new pick of the card, and the fun that you'll have as you craft your city makes this game near the top of our list. Again, those looking for a deep strategic game may come away disappointed, but the point of a game is to be FUN and this game most certain is. If you routinely have 4-7 player around the table, you must at least give this one a few plays to see if you like it as much as my group does.

7 Wonders   (View Game)
   Bryan O'Connell
A top 15 game overall and the best game from 2010. I was fortunate enough to get it as a Christmas gift! This game is solid and the components all have lavishly beautiful artwork. It accomodates 3-7 players and it's good with any number. All actions are played simultaneously and therefore the game moves quickly. If you like a game with several different strategies (science, military, civilian, etc) then you'll probably like this game. Actually, I haven't introduced it to someone yet who hasn't liked it. This is enjoyed by hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. If you can find it, get it. Heck, get 2. Enjoy!

7 Wonders   (View Game)
This game is really a work of art - each card is absolutely stunning. It plays fast and is light enough to be manageable for casual gamers, while still having enough decisions to make it interesting for the more advanced players.


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